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Last Epoch: How to Make Gold Using Loot Filters

Find the right things to get the big bucks!




With the addition of a trading system, it’s a good idea to start using loot filters in Last Epoch to find items that will make you Gold.

Finding items that are always in high demand is an easy way to profit off of your loot, such as looking for items used by popular meta builds.

In this guide, we’ll give you some pointers to help you start raking in the dough thanks to the creative use of the loot filter system!

How to Make Gold Using Loot Filters

Last Epoch: How to Make Gold Using Loot Filters

As you can imagine, the very basis of earning Gold through a loot filter will rely on you finding items that are important in the meta and selling them.

On that note, it’s a good idea to know how the basics of trading work in this game. You will need to join the Merchant’s Guild and work up their Ranks to maximize profits.

Also, if you don’t quite know how to create a loot filter, feel free to use our guide about making them. However, for this guide, you will just need to follow along with the Rules we set up.

Creating a new loot filter

So, to get started, press Shift + F and create a new loot filter with these 3 basic rules in order:

  • Hide All Items – Set “Hide” Visibility without defining any items.
  • Show All Unique/Set/Exalted Items – Set “Show” Visibility and define Unique, Set, and Exalted as a Rarity Condition.
  • Show All Items With Tier 6 Affixes – Set “Show” Visibility and Affixes as your Condition. Check the Advanced Options and define 6 as the lowest individual Affix tier.
Example of the finished filter

If you input all Rules in order, “Hide All Items” will be at the bottom with the two “Show” Rules above it. This is important, as the “Show” Rules should override the “Hide” Rule to only display the items you want!

Now, after that’s all set up, things get a little bit trickier. You now have to define Rules that search for specific Affixes that are coveted by popular builds.

Defining the Affixes – The Easy Way

Last Epoch 1.0 gameplay

If you don’t want to have to trouble yourself too much defining Affixes that are used by popular builds, you can just go for the “Level” Affixes. These are the Affixes that grant extra levels to specific skills.

To define this new Rule, just select “Show” Visibility with the “Affix” Condition. Then click on the “Affixes” Property to bring up the Affix search window.

We sure are saying Affix a lot, huh? Bear with us for now!

Anyway, type in “level” and tick the checkboxes for all Skill Level Affixes for all classes. You can just tick the checkbox next to the class to instantly check all of their Affixes if you don’t want to get too specific.

Level affixes example

Other good Affixes to look for in this way are any that pertain to Critical Strikes, Attack Speed, and Cast Speed.

Those are always highly coveted by most builds, despite not being too rare.

This method probably won’t get you the most Gold, but you will at least save up a lot of time with this simplistic set of Rules.

But, what if you don’t mind spending the time to maximize your gains? Well, let’s talk about that!

Defining the Affixes – The Hard (But Most Profitable) Way

Very advanced loot filter

If you truly want to maximize your profits, you will need to constantly keep an ear to the ground and know what builds are most popular.

This can require a lot of effort, as Last Epoch’s meta is always evolving!

Nonetheless, the gist of it is to look up what builds are most popular with the players at the moment and see which Affixes these builds require.

For example, the popular Wraith Lich Necromancer build requires a hefty investment into the “Minion Critical Strike Multiplier” Affix.

Necromancer promo art

Setting a Rule in your loot filter that looks for items with this Affix would be a fantastic idea. After all, it’s one of the main components of a popular build, so it will be in high demand!

Sadly, this is something that is going to require a lot of research on your own end to truly make the most of.

We can’t simply tell you which Affixes to look out for right now, as our guide would likely become invalidated quickly thanks to how the meta is always shifting.

Last Epoch 1.0 gameplay

Especially with the 1.0 update right around the corner, which is certain to cause great changes to the meta!

Nonetheless, our overall suggestion remains: look up popular builds and modify your loot filter to search for Affixes that are important to these builds.

After all, a good merchant always has to stay in the know to make profits! It’s just as true in real life as it is in Last Epoch.

We hope to have at least helped set you towards the path of riches with this unique use of the loot filter and trading system!

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