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Last Epoch: Merchant’s Guild Guide

It’s trading time!




The Merchant’s Guild is one of the two Item Factions in Last Epoch, and they’re all about trading!

Joining this renowned guild will allow you to use the Bazaar whenever you wish. Use it to buy and sell items, earning yourself a reputation that unlocks some fantastic privileges.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this Item Faction!

Merchant’s Guild Guide

Wheeling and Dealing – Guild Basics

Zerrick inviting the player to the Merchant's Guild

You can join the Merchant’s Guild once you reach the city of Maj’Elka, at which point Zerrick will tell you about the item factions in the game.

Obviously, just choose the Merchant’s Guild to be invited to their Bazaar, where you can become an official member!

Becoming a member will also give you free access to all that the Bazaar has to offer, letting you use the many stalls to either purchase or sell items. Selling coveted items is a good way to earn gold, of course!

Example of a Faction Vendor

You will also be able to use the Faction Vendor, which sells randomized faction-exclusive items. They’re not too good for the endgame, but they can help give you an edge early on.

Using any of these services will require Favor, however. This is a new currency used by the Item Factions, and you will gain Favor mostly through killing enemies and completing quests.

Spending Favor will also boost your Reputation, which will increase your Rank and give you access to even more trading services. We’ll cover these later on in this guide, of course!

Trade System – Buying and Selling

Using a Stall at the Bazaar

After you join the Merchant’s Guild, you will be able to trade with players either directly or by using the Bazaar’s stalls. You can buy and sell any items, with only a few exceptions.

The first hard exception is that items earned through the Circle of Fortune’s Prophecies can never be traded. No ifs or buts!

You also can’t resell any items you purchase through the Merchant’s Guild, as they get tagged permanently as yours. No item flipping allowed!

To make use of trading to purchase an item, just approach one of the stalls inside of the Bazaar. Each stall sells a specific category of item, find the type of item you want to purchase and talk with the Stall Vendor.

Stall's search interface

This will bring up a very in-depth interface that allows you to tailor your search to find exactly what you need. Just remember, you will need to pay a cost in Favor as well as the price in Gold!

For selling, you can approach as a Stall Vendor and select “My Stall” or select “Open My Stall” when talking with Kubra. Either option will bring up your stall with a listing of all items you have for sale.

My Stall menu

You can choose to “List an Item” to put a new item up for sale. Its Favor cost and Rank Requirement will be set automatically, but you get to assign whatever price in Gold you want.

The guild doesn’t take a single coin from the pricing, so you’ll get the payment in full once another player buys the item! There’s also no limit to how many items you can list, either.

That’s the very basics of the Merchant’s Guild’s trading system.

Rank System and Rewards

Low ranks at the Merchant's Guild

As you use the Bazaar’s trading features, you will also earn a lot of Reputation. Though, of course, you can also earn Reputation through just completing quests and earning Experience.

Nonetheless, your biggest source of Reputation will be spending Favor, as we mentioned earlier. The biggest way to spend Favor is to simply use the trading system, doesn’t matter if you buy or sell.

Higher ranks at the Merchant's Guild

Reaching certain Reputation milestones will increase your Rank, which will further expand your trading abilities. The higher you Rank, the more items you can deal in when trading!

These are the various Ranks and their benefits:

  • Rank 1: Trade Basic Items. These are Normal, Rare, and Magic items.
  • Rank 2: Trade Set Items.
  • Rank 3: Trade Unique Items without Legendary Potential.
  • Rank 4: Trade Idols.
  • Rank 5: Trade Exalted Weapons.
  • Rank 6: Trade Unique Weapons with Legendary Potential.
  • Rank 7: Trade All Exalted Items.
  • Rank 8: Trade All Unique Items.
  • Rank 9: Trade Legendary Weapons.
  • Rank 10: Trade All Legendary Items.

If you truly want to make the most of the Merchant’s Guild’s trading functionality, you will have to stick with them and trade as often as possible!

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