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Last Epoch: How to Get Mad Alchemist’s Ladle

Why is a ladle such a powerful magical catalyst?




The Mad Alchemist’s Ladle is a powerful unique birch wand you can get in Last Epoch, and it’s a great addition to any Mage’s arsenal.

This unpredictable ladle has been infused with innumerable magics. These infusions allow it to randomly inflict a variety of status ailments on your foes whenever you hit them with your spells!

Sold on this fantastic ladle? Read on and we’ll tell you how to get your hands on it.

How to Mad Alchemist’s Ladle

Last Epoch: How to Get Mad Alchemist's Ladle - Exiled Mage Fight

The Mad Alchemist’s Ladle, despite being one of the strongest items you can get in the early game, doesn’t have a set spawn. Instead, it’s a random drop that you can only get from Exiled Mages.

So, in order to maximize your chances of getting it, you need to maximize how many Exiled Mages you encounter!

An Exiled Mage's prison

Thankfully, Exiled Mages are actually fairly common both in the main campaign and in the Monolith of Fate. They appear inside pyramid-shaped cages, like the one above.

Exiled Mage on the minimap

These cages can also be seen on the map, as shown in the example above.

However, their spawn chances are completely random, so you’re not guaranteed to find them at all. But, as we said before, you can maximize your chances of meeting Exiled Mages by farming a certain area.

Do note, though, that the farming method is meant for high-level/endgame characters. It requires access to the Empowered Monolith of Fate!

If you’re not at that point yet, you’re better off just playing the game normally. Just keep an eye out for naturally-spawning Exiled Mages.

Nonetheless, let’s go over the best farming method for Exiled Mages!

Best Place to Farm Exiled Mages

Fall of the Outcasts timeline in the Empowered Monolith

By far the best way to ensure that you find Exiled Mages with ease is to visit the “Fall of the Outcasts” timeline in the Empowered Monolith of Fate.

This timeline can potentially have a zone called “Necropolis Streets”, which is extremely simple and makes it quite easy to check for Exiled Mages. Just keep retrying Echoes until you find one with this zone.

Ideally, the Necropolis Streets zone should also be deep into the timeline’s origin. The further in it is, the more likely you are to encounter Exiled Mages!

Necropolis Streets node example

For even better drop chances, you should also increase Corruption by defeating any Shade of Orobyss that you encounter. Just be warned that it will make the timeline harder!

Once you’ve got all the setup done and found a good Echo with the Necropolis Streets zone, you’re all set to start farming.

The farming process is quite simple: just enter the Necropolis Streets zone and open your minimap to look for Exiled Mages’ cages. If you find any, approach them and kill the Exiled Mages.

If you don’t find any cages, or you don’t get the Mad Alchemist’s Ladle as a drop, leave the zone and re-enter it to reset spawns.

Just keep repeating this process until you get your desired Mad Alchemist’s Ladle! We wish you the best of luck, may you get this unique wand in only a few tries.

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