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Helldivers 2: How to Play With Friends

Play with your buddies!




Helldivers 2 is a game designed around co-op play, as it’s meant to be played in teams. While you can play with random people through the game’s matchmaking system, you can also play with friends! That way, you know who you’re playing with and can coordinate better.

To play with your friends, you need to first add them as Friends in the game. We’re going to go step by step and explain the steps required to add friends below!

How to Play With Friends

To add your friends, you need their Friend Code. This is a random string of numbers that are used to search for a specific player and add them. Once done, you can add them as a friend and start playing together!

To start the process of adding friends, simply pause the game. Then, go to the “Social” tab. You can either click it or press E to switch to it using your keyboard. 

Pause Menu Tabs in Helldivers 2

Once in there, you’ll need to be paying attention to two things first and foremost. These are the “Search” box, and the Generate Friend Code option. Both of those are highlighted and explained below. 

Social Options in Helldivers 2

If you’re going to have a friend send you their code, then you need to use the Search box. Simply copy your friend’s code and paste it in the Search box. From there, you can send them a request. Once they accept, you’ll see them in your friend list.

Alternatively, if you want to send someone your Friend Code, you’ll use the Generate button. When you press Tab or click Generate, you’ll receive a few numbers. These represent your Friend Code. Send it to your friend and ask them to send you a friend request. All you have to do then is accept their request. 

You should now be all set to start playing Helldivers 2 with your friends. You can join a party of up to 4 people, so 3 is the ideal amount of friends. If you have fewer friends available, don’t worry, you can still have a great time. 

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