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Helldivers 2: Bile Titan Solo Guide

Defeat one of the strongest Terminid enemies in the game

Kaylee Nancarrow



Helldivers2: Bile Titon SOLO Guide

Bile Titans are a giant four-legged insect in Helldivers 2 and one of the strongest Terminid enemies to defeat. Despite their sheer size, they move incredibly fast and can stab you with their sharp legs.

To defeat this insect, you’ll need to take advantage of its weaknesses and stick to a strategy to avoid becoming the next meal for this alien bug. In this guide, we’ll show you how to slay the titan!

Bile Titan Solo Guide

Many of the insect enemies you come across will be at random intervals in the game, typically when you’re trying to complete an objective. That said, you can encounter the Bile Titan during any Terminid mission or at different points of interest.

One things for certain, during the “Exterminate” mission, you will have an encounter with this creature as its spawns your targets. So it’s best that you be ready to exterminate this bug when it comes crawling your way.

Best Weapons to Use Against Bile Titan

Underestimating the strength of your opponent is probably the biggest mistake you’ll make in Helldivers 2. For that very reason, you’ll need to start a mission with the best weapons to get the job done.

All enemy creatures have a weakness to strong firepower and relentless attacks. When it comes to the Bile Titan, the best weapons to use are the Railgun, EAT Launcher, and Recoilless Rifle.

Use the railgun against the Bile Titan

The Railgun and EAT Launcher deal the biggest damage in the game. These weapons are explosive in attack and you’ll need to defeat the waves of smaller bugs that are encountered during the fight against the titan.

Insect holes

That said, the waves of attacks from the smaller bugs pose the real dangers in this boss fight. To lessen the population of smaller bugs during this fight, make sure to arm yourself with tons of grenades and throw them down the insect holes, as seen in the image above.

Use Stratagems

In the fight against the Titan, weapons aren’t going to cut against this creature. To make dent in the bugs HP, you’ll need to use several stratagems. These are essentially command items that your destroyer ship can drop in order to win the battle.

The large size of the creature makes it an easy target for stratagems. Some of the best stratagems to use are the Orbital Laser, 50kg Bomb, Orbital Railgun, and the Eagle Cluster Bomb.

Use stratagems

Stratagems usually stick to enemies of this size and to be effective, you’ll need to make sure they land on top of the insect. Try to keep the titan in one location, and then use stratagem commands to deadly effect.

Use the Terrain

Use terrain to your advantage

Despite the size of the titan, you’ll need to avoid getting too close to the creature. The insect secretes a toxic bile and shoots it at you. To avoid taking on damage, use the terrain of the fight to your advantage to block the enemies attack, and inflict when you can.

If you are unlucky enough to be trapped underneath the creature, shoot the soft spots under the insect and throw grenades, they work! Lastly, you’re more than likely to die more than once in the clash with the Titan, so try to respawn on a cliff or mountain for the best vantage points.

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