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Helldivers 2: How to Fix Matchmaking Issues

Matchmaking troubleshooting sucks…




Helldivers 2 has been getting a ton of complaints regarding performance and other bugs. The worst of these is definitely all the matchmaking issues. If you’ve been playing the game online, there’s a decent chance you’ve seen the dreaded “Failed to Join Game Lobby Error”. 

While the only real fix to these issues is the developers pushing good updates fast, we do have some workarounds. Having matchmaking issues in a primarily online team-based shooter is ridiculous, after all. We have a couple of tips for you that might work. 

How to Fix Matchmaking Issues

Before we get into the tips, we have to give a disclaimer. There’s no way to ensure that the matchmaking issues will be fixed by these tips. Still, it’s worth trying them as they’re simple and fast.

The first thing you can try is just spamming quickplay when trying to connect to a match. This increases your chances of successfully connecting. There’s still no guarantee however, but by doing this you might be able to get past the error screen. 

Quickplay Button in Helldivers 2

The second thing you can try is turning off the Crossplay connection feature. Restart the game, and try to connect again. Some people have reported that this improved their matchmaking. You can turn it off in the Options tab in the gameplay section. 

Crossplay Setting in Helldivers 2

Neither of these are guaranteed fixes, and if they don’t work you’ll just have to wait for patches. It is unfortunate that the game launched in these conditions, but stay optimistic!

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