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FIFA 23: Ultimate Passing Guide

A variety of passes are available to you in FIFA ‘23 – we’ll go over the corresponding button combinations you need to master for each move.




With the new release of FIFA ‘23, comes a variety of new forms of passing along with returning maneuvers from FIFA ‘22 – things operate much more smoothly in FIFA ‘23 including moves such as the ‘outside the foot pass.’

We’ll explore all the new maneuvers, types of passes, and how to implement them in our FIFA 23 Ultimate Passing Guide.

Ultimate Passing Guide for FIFA 23

Passing itself is extremely easy to perform in FIFA 23 and quite obvious even for newer players who have only spent a couple of minutes diving into the game.

You simply need to press the ‘pass’ button (X or SQUARE, and A or TRIANGLE) and indicate the direction of the pass itself with the corresponding directional sticks.

This is the basic foundation of passing in FIFA 23.

However, if you need to implement more complex passes, you’ll need to understand some further techniques.

It is also extremely important to understand that the corresponding strength and speed of the pass itself is determined by how long (duration) you hold the pass button for. If you hold the button for a more prolonged period of time, you’ll place more emphasis on the strength of the pass towards the ball.

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The quicker you hit the pass button, the shorter the duration the player in-game will take to pass the ball off.

Moves like a 1-2 pass only require a very quick tap on the pass button.

To break down the moves available in FIFA ‘23 further, we have the following, which you can pull off in-game by following the corresponding button combinations:

  • Ground Pass (X on PS5, A on XBOX)
  • Lob Pass or “Cross” (SQUARE on PS5, X on XBOX)
  • Through Pass (TRIANGLE on PS5, Y on XBOX)
  • Threaded Through Pass (R1 + TRIANGLE on PS5, RB + Y on XBOX)
  • Driven Lobbed Through Pass (L1 + R1 + TRIANGLE on PS5, LB + RB + Y on XBOX)
  • Driven Lob Pass / Driven “Cross” (R1 + SQUARE on PS5, or RB + X on XBOX)
  • Driven Ground Pass (R1 + X on PS5, RB + A on XBOX)
  • Lofted Ground Pass (X + X on PS5, A + A on XBOX)
  • Lofted Through Pass (TRIANGLE + TRIANGLE on PS5, Y + Y on XBOX)
  • Lobbed Through Pass (L1 + TRIANGLE on PS5, LB + Y on XBOX)
  • High Lob (L1 + SQUARE on PS5, LB + X on XBOX)
  • Flair Pass (L2 + X on PS5, LT + A on XBOX)
  • Flair Lob (L2 + SQUARE on PS5, LT + X on XBOX)
  • Dummy Pass (L + R1; press and hold with no direction on PS5, L + RB; press and hold with no direction on XBOX)
  • Fake Pass (SQUARE + X and DIRECTION PAD on PS5, X + A and DIRECTION on XBOX)
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