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FIFA 23: How to Shoot Penalties | Penalty System Guide

The all-new penalty system in FIFA 23 makes penalty shots feel more rewarding to players than ever before, and the controls for pulling them off are new as well.




Penalties are one of the few frustrating aspects of previous FIFA games. However, it seems that FIFA 23 has revamped the system to make them a lot easier and more rewarding for players to pull off. The game also introduces some changes to the UI to make penalty shots more intuitive than ever before.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at the new penalty system in FIFA 23 and how you can perform penalty shots.

How to Shoot Penalties | Penalty System Guide in FIFA 23

Unlike in previous FIFA games where penalty shots would require a bit of skill and luck, FIFA 23’s penalty system is different. Instead, it aims to reward players for making successful penalty kicks.

To perform a penalty shot in FIFA 23, you need to be aware of the new mechanics which are the composure ring and the new aiming system.

The composure ring is basically an indicator in the shape of a ring that appears underneath the ball. This ring pulses from big to small, with the smallest ring providing you with more accuracy and power.

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Meanwhile, the new aiming system completely hides the reticle which was present in the previous games. However, unlike in previous games, the hidden reticle will stay within the bounds of the goal and won’t go beyond it.

So even if you most your analog stick to the very left, the reticle will stay within the bounds of the goal to the left.

To perform a penalty shot, you want to follow these steps:

  1. Pay attention to the composure ring underneath the ball
  2. Wait for it to shrink as small as possible before shooting
  3. Press the shoot key to kick the ball (this depends on your platform)
  4. Move the left analog stick immediately after kick to direct the ball to your target spot

Aside from these changes, time-finish penalties are no longer there. This means you no longer have to perform a second button press after your penalty shot. Also, the quality of shot placement as well as shot power will be affected by a player’s attributes.

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