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Diablo Immortal: Mirror Puzzle Solution Guide

In Diablo Immortal, you need to solve a mirror puzzle to obtain the third and last Rune in the Lost Runes quest.




Diablo Immortal is now available, and players will travel around Sanctuary, completing missions and battling demons that threaten the world. Puzzles and obstacles can hinder a player’s progression throughout their journey in the game.

The Mirror Puzzle is one of the tasks in Lost Runes that may be difficult to solve. This article will guide you in completing this tricky puzzle.

Mirror Puzzle Solution Guide in Diablo Immortal

In the Lost Runes quest, you need to obtain three runes to finish. Once you get your hands on the first two Runes, you will encounter a Mirror Puzzle that you need to solve to get the third and last Rune.

The solution to this last piece of the puzzle may be a bit challenging, but it can be done with patience, and this guide.

Solving the Mirror Puzzle

The first thing you need to do is approach the Rune. The game will tell you that you need to move the mirrors to illuminate the Rune. There are a lot of mirrors in the area, with only one light beam.

Your goal is to reposition the mirrors so that the light beam bounces from one mirror to another until it hits the Rune. You will know the Rune is illuminated once it changes from Blue to Red after the energy beam hits it.

Follow the positions of the mirrors in the photo above, and you can obtain the Rune in no time. Push the leftmost mirror to the left and push the mirror beside it to the left.

Then push the mirror in the center near the Rune down to the left twice, and you’re done.

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