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Diablo Immortal: Best Ways to Farm Legendaries

In Diablo Immortal, it’s difficult to farm for Legendary items, but there is a way to increase your odds.




Released on June 1, Diablo Immortal is the next installment in one of gaming’s most enduring franchises. Blizzard appears to have adopted a new approach with their latest title, which is considered one of the founding cornerstones of the ARPG genre.

While the new game has many distinct components, some things, such as the gathering of gears, are still quite significant. Legendary Items are often the most sought-after by gamers.

Best Ways to Farm Legendaries

Free-to-play gamers of Diablo Immortal aren’t entirely without hope. Legendary items can be dropped by most opponents in the game, even though getting one is slim. Additionally, you can still gain Hilts and Legendary Crests by playing the game usually.

However, obtaining those resources is so sluggish that you might just come upon a Legendary item while farming for them.

Farming Legendary Items

The bad thing about this is you can’t farm Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal like any other items in the game.

In other words, there is no magical location in the game where legendary items are guaranteed to drop. However, there are some ways you can do to boost your drop odds.

Here are just a few of the many activities that might result in Legendary drops:

  • Horadric Altar (Bestiary): Legendary Items, although not guaranteed, consistently drop from these.
  • Shadow Clan: You can get a lot of rewards when joining a Shadow Clan, including Legendary Items.
  • Overworld: Many late-game areas in the overworld drop a Legendary Item. The Library of Zoltun Kulle is one of them.
  • Hell II: Increasing the game’s difficulty level to Hell II also increases the drop rate of Legendary Items.

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