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Coral Island: All Romance Options Guide

There are plenty of fish in the sea, indeed.

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Coral Island: All Romance Options Guide Featured Image

Coral Island may be another farming simulator, but it really does provide players with a ton of options with a more laid-back approach. This includes romance options where players can establish a relationship with certain NPCs. In doing so, they can start really bringing some life to the farm. After all, creating a farm with another person can really add a lot more sentimentality to the experience.

However, it is not immediately apparent which NPCs are romance options in the game. Additionally, each NPC varies in their personality and occupation. So, you want to choose a partner you feel will match well with your own character. Let’s dive in and see all the romance options that are available to you in the game!

All Romance Options Guide

The Romance Options that are available to you are plenty. In fact, there are a total of 28 Romance Options in the current version of the game. These Romance Options are also further divided into Bachelorettes and Bachelors.

You can go for whichever of these options align with your preferences. Also, if you do get together with a partner but it does not work out, this guide answers the question if you Can Divorce After Getting Married.

All Dateable Characters in Coral Island.


Here are the Bachelorette options alongside their Occupation, Personality and Birthday:

  • Lily
    • Occupation: Remote Job
    • Personality: Enjoys visiting the library and lake
    • Birthday: Fall 19
  • Macy
    • Occupation: Photographer
    • Personality: Enjoys video games and being in nature
    • Birthday: Spring 25
  • Millie
    • Occupation: Librarian
    • Personality: Enjoys bird watching
    • Birthday: Winter 3
  • Nina
    • Occupation: Unknown
    • Personality: Lives in an Abandoned Villa. Smart and very mysterious.
    • Birthday: Winter 24
  • Princess Miranjani
    • Occupation: Part of the Merfolk Royal Family
    • Personality: Sweet, Kind and Curious.
    • Birthday: Unknown
  • Suki
    • Occupation: Owner of Coral Inn
    • Personality: Strong and independent mother
    • Birthday: Winter 27
  • Yuri
    • Occupation: Doctor
    • Personality: Likes playing chess and pool, and a big fan of tattoos.
    • Birthday: Summer 28
  • Zarah
    • Occupation: Treasure Hunter
    • Personality: A mysterious personality, while being allergic to cats.
    • Birthday: Summer 16
  • Denali
    • Occupation: Merfolk Kingdom Scout and Gatekeeper, working with Denali
    • Personality: Curious and demanding nature
    • Birthday: Unknown
  • Eva
    • Occupation: Baker at Sam’s General Store
    • Personality: Very friendly with new visitors and the locals
    • Birthday: Summer 13
  • Leah
    • Occupation: Yoga Instructor at the Community Center
    • Personality: Enjoys nature and the fine arts
    • Birthday: Summer 24
  • Chaem
    • Occupation: Lifeguard
    • Personality: Athletic and hardworking, with a blunt personality
    • Birthday: Fall 6
  • Aaliyah
    • Occupation: Food Taster at Fishensips
    • Personality: Active and outdoorsy
    • Birthday: Spring 22
  • Alice
    • Occupation: Manager of Coral Inn
    • Personality: Loves to read
    • Birthday: Winter 27.
Romance with Alice in Coral Island.


Alternatively, here are the Bachelor options alongside their Occupation, Personality and Birthday:

  • Rafael
    • Occupation: Assists his Brother Pablo at the Blacksmith Shop
    • Personality: Reserved nature
    • Birthday: Fall 4
  • Pablo
    • Occupation: Local Blacksmith
    • Personality: Kind and happy-go-lucky nature
    • Birthday: Spring 27
  • Raj
    • Occupation: Coffee Shop Owner in Starlet Town
    • Personality: Generous and appreciative to his customers. Struggling with the business.
    • Birthday: Winter 2
  • Scott
    • Occupation: Archeologist working at the Museum
    • Personality: Loves finding artifacts and drinking coffee
    • Birthday: Spring 12
  • Semeru
    • Occupation: Guard Leader of the Merfolk people alongside Denali
    • Personality: Commanding and distrusts humans from the land
    • Birthday: Unknown
  • Wakuu
    • Occupation: Astrophysicist
    • Personality: Loves eating chocolate chip muffins
    • Birthday: Winter 8
  • Theo
    • Occupation: Fisherman
    • Personality: Enjoys camping and performing at the Tavern
    • Birthday: Fall 11
  • Surya
    • Occupation: Marine Biologist at the Laboratory
    • Personality: New to the island and passionate about his work
    • Birthday: Fall 25
  • Luke
    • Occupation: Owner of Socket Electronics
    • Personality: Owns a dog named Taco
    • Birthday: Fall 16
  • Kenny
    • Occupation: Animal caretaker at the Ranch
    • Personality: Loves the outdoors
    • Birthday: Spring 9
  • Charles
    • Occupation: Doctor at the Clinic
    • Personality: Regularly gives health advice to people
    • Birthday: Winter 4
  • Ben
    • Occupation: Merchant
    • Personality: A relaxed and positive mentality, while being a Vegan.
    • Birthday: Spring 22
  • Mark
    • Occupation: Volunteers at the Animal Shelter
    • Personality: Always roaming the map, loves animals
    • Birthday: Spring 18
  • Noah
    • Occupation: Runs the Tavern
    • Personality: University graduate who loves to take long walks
    • Birthday: Winter 10.
Pablo flirting with character in Coral Island.

That’s all the Romance Options in Coral Island that you can go for in the game. The Personality traits and Occupation we have mentioned can give you an idea of what kind of personality you want your character to get romantically involved with. As you can see, there are plenty of options that you can go for in the game. Good luck getting your soulmate!

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