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Conan Exiles: All New Events Guide

The biggest free update of Conan Exile is out now. The newest features await you.




Conan Exiles is an online multiplayer survival game released in January 2017. But this year, Funcom released the biggest update playable by exiles.

The Conan Exiles Update 1.79 Patch 3.0 brought you a lot of new features that you will enjoy with your friends to play. This update features the Age of Sorcery.

Here are all the event updates in the new game patch.

Snake Cult Caravan

This is one of the events that spawn randomly from the latest update. This is called the Snake Cult Caravan and is in N8.

Once you encounter this event, these are the things that you have to do in order to finish it.

When the event starts, several enemies will be charging towards you. To survive, you have to kill them. All the opponents start as weak and overtime, stronger ones will be deployed. However, as you kill enemies, their souls are going inside the egg.

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While you are busy killing your opponents, the egg will keep on summoning new enemies until there is enough soul inside it. When this happens, the egg will explode and will reveal the final boss. Defeating the final boss means that you have completed the event.

After that, you will get the Jailor’s Key to open the cages. You can also interact and loot the venom sac. Once done, take a look at your inventory and you will get different poisons.

Grave Matter

Next one is the Grave Matter located in G5. The main objective of this is for you to defeat Kalisha The Masked. However, before you can do that, there are still some things that must be taken care of.

There are four towers that emit a reddish color smoke. You have to destroy all four towers. The reddish smoke that the tower gives off affects your players stats. You will get gaining corruption which means your maximum health and stamina are reduced.

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After taking down all the towers, the protection around Kalisha The Masked will disappear. If that happens, you will be fighting head-on.

Portal to Yuggoth

The last event is Portal to Yuggoth which happens in I5. You will notice the giant egg-like creature with tentacles moving around them. It is your task to destroy these. However, it is better to put on gas protection since the egg will emit gas that can deal you damages.

Since these are eggs, enemies will appear when it hatches. The animals that will appear are strong and some of them drop recipes. Since this event has the strongest enemies compared to the tow other events, the Portal to Yuggoth is a difficult event to finish.

Aside from a big number of strong enemies, there is still the final boss that you need to take down.

As you defeat the final boss, you will receive a new armor recipe.

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