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Last Epoch: How to Play the Campaign With a Friend

Two’s better than one, after all!




There’s a distinct lack of co-op games in the market right now, unfortunately. Last Epoch allows you to play with friends though, and the game is more fun in that way in my opinion. It does make the game a bit easier, and you have to share loot. The memories you make are worth way more though!

Adding a friend to your campaign is a little tricky, but we’re here to help so don’t worry!

How to Play the Campaign With a Friend

To go through the Last Epoch campaign with a friend, you have to add them to your party. This allows you to share the typically single-player campaign with your friend. The process of adding someone to the party is described below!

First, you have to open the Social tab. By default, you have to press “H” to open it. Once it’s opened, click Add Friend.

Social Tab in Last Epoch

After clicking Add Friend, a window will pop up with a text box you can type in. In the textbox, enter the username of the friend you want to add to your party. These names are not case-sensitive, meaning you don’t have to worry about proper capitalization. 

Add Friend in Last Epoch

If they’re online, you’ll be able to see them in the list of Online Friends. Now, right-click their portrait to open the drop-down menu of social options. Choose the second option, “Invite To Party”. 

Inviting Friend to Party in Last Epoch

Last Epoch is very fun to play with a friend. There are some features in the game, such as linking items in chat, that make it convenient and easy. Now that you’ve learned how to add a friend to your campaign, have fun with your co-op playthrough!

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