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Last Epoch: How to Dismantle Items (Rune of Shattering)

Recycle your trash to forge new items!




If you’ve got some junk items weighing you down in Last Epoch, it’s a good idea to use a Rune of Shattering to dismantle them.

Break them down to free up space while also recycling their Affixes as Affix Shards. You can then use those Affix Shards to make your other gear even stronger!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to shatter any useless items you’ve got laying around.

How to Dismantle Items – Using the Rune of Shattering

Last Epoch: How to Dismantle Items (Rune of Shattering)

To be able to dismantle your items, you will first need to get your hands on at least one Rune of Shattering.

The Rune of Shattering, just like every other type of Rune, is a random drop. You’re very likely to get it just from wrecking groups of regular enemies, so they aren’t rare at all!

Alternatively, vendors sell them as well.

Step 1 - Add Item

When you get it, you will need to use the game’s Forge, which is what you use for crafting. You just need to press the “F” key to bring the Forge interface up, you can do it wherever you want.

Next, drag the item you wish to dismantle onto the large rectangular shape in the middle of the Forge window.

Step 2 - Add Rune

When you’ve got your junk item set in place, click on the hexagonal icon with a “+” symbol at the bottom of the Forge window. It’s at the bottom of the Forge interface, as shown above.

Step 3 - Select Rune of Shattering

Now just select your Rune of Shattering to add it to the mix, and you’re basically set!

Step 4 - Shatter

Say your final goodbyes to your poor item and then click on the large “Shatter” button at the bottom of the Forge interface to dismantle the item.

You will also consume one of your Runes of Shattering in the process, so keep that in mind!

The nice thing about this dismantling feature is that you will get back a random amount of Affix Shards based on the Affixes of the item you shattered. It’s great to recycle junk items to craft better gear.

If you want to know more about crafting, feel free to use our ultimate guide on Last Epoch’s crafting system. Nonetheless, now you at least know how to dismantle items to get Affix Shards!

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