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Coral Island: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy | Pets, Events, Farming, and More

Everything you need to know about the highly-anticipated farming simulator




Coral Island is a brand new Farming Simulator game that going to change the Farming sim genre. It’s changing up the classic farming sim mechanics with new never before seen features to revolutionize the Farming simulator genre.. Fans of the farming genre are at the edge of their seats for early access.

But before you hastily press the buy button, it’s better to know what exactly what you’re getting your wallet into. Here are 10 things you just absolutely need to know before buying the new farming game.

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

1. Farming Simulator

Coral Island is everything you ever wanted from a Farming simulator. You’re able to build the farm of your dreams using various usable farming tools. You can also raise pets, talk with the townspeople and maybe even marry soon.

2. Setting

Unlike other farm games, Coral Island takes place on a Tropical landscape beside a rich ocean and tropical wildlife.

3. Crops

There are as many as 75 crops to choose from. These range from exotic plants to familiar reliable plants that we can farm for profit

4. Animals

Chicken cows, horses, Pigs, and more.

5. The town is bursting with life

As many as 70 NPCs are in the community. Additionally, you can participate in many community projects and festivals.

You can even contribute to the town’s museum!

6. Kids can  grow

You read that right. Kids grow in age progressively throughout the game. Just like real life.

This applies to both your kids and other kids of the NPCs.

7. Skill tree

The game has an upgradable skill tree that allows you to upgrade your skills progressively.

8. Releases

The early access release of Coral Island will be on October 11, 2022, at 4:00 pm EST. Additionally, devs have estimated that the game will be available for just under 25 dollars.

9. Full release will be on 1 year

For the foreseeable future, the full release will be in 1 year. We will just have to make do with the early release for now.

10. No controller support

The controller fans need to know about this. The game won’t support the controller as of now. This might change as early access improves.

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Our Verdict & Score

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