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Midnight Ghost Hunt: Team Ghost Abilities

To win in Midnight Ghost Hunt, you’ll need to make the most out of the abilities of your characters. Here’s an overview of the Ghost Team Abilities.




In each game of Midnight Ghost Hunt, you’ll either join the team of ghosts or ghosthunters. Each side comes with its own special abilities. The ghost’s goal is to survive until midnight, by hiding from and slowing down the hunters. In order to do this effectively, you’ll need to make the best out of the abilities you choose as part of your loadout.

Team Ghost Abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt

Your loadout can be changed each time you visit the shrine during the game. Here are all the regular “active” abilities you can choose from:

Phantom – this ability will make you harder to notice for a while.

Spirit – Changes the shape of your ghost into a spirit orb, allowing it to escape from tight spots.

Miasma – This ability allows you to emit a gas that will damage the hunters and slow them down.

Doppelganger – Using this ability will change you into a mirror copy of a nearby hunter. However, the disguise will disappear the moment you attack anyone.

Poltergeist – This ability makes an object float, indicating that it will hurl itself at a hunter who’ll get close to it.

Corruptor – Using this ability on an unprocessed object will make it explode if hit by hunter’s bullets.

Apparition – Creates a fake ghost that can distract the hunters

Trickster – Creates a prop shaped like a ghost that you can manually move around.

Telekinesis – Allows you to control nearby objects from a distance.

Death Grip – Creates a trap on the floor. If activated, it will hold the hunter in place for a while.

Team Ghost Haunts in Midnight Ghost Hunt

Haunts are also “active” abilities, but they can only be activated after one of the ghosts have been eliminated from the game.

Chill – This ability slows down nearby hunters.

Cold Spot – Creates fake radar readings, further confusing the hunters.

False Trail – Creates false footprints behind you, noticeable for players using a Pathfinder.

Medium – This ability allows you to distract the hunters by giving you access to their Area Voice Chat, which can be used to confuse them.

Push Object – Allows you to remotely push doors and other objects.

Health Orb – Creates an orb capable of healing you and your teammates

Hallucinate – Creates a random ghost sound that affects the hunter’s Spectrophone

Shove Hunter – Allows you to interact with hunters by shoving them.

Team Ghost Perks in Midnight Ghost Hunt

Perks are “passive” abilities that provide boosts for your character.

Ghostly Reach – Increases your range of possession.

Ectoslow – Makes you less visible on the hunter’s radar, by reducing the rate of ectoplasm your ghost produces.

Shatterproof – Prevents you from shattering on impact.

Heavyweight – Makes every object you toss at the hunters more durable.

Ghostly Focus – This perk grants faster cooldown for all of your “active” abilities.

Perception – Allows you to see hunters and traps through walls.

Untrappable – Increases the damage you’ll receive from traps, but reduces the time you’ll be affected by them.

Glutton – Increases the speed at which you’ll consume the hunter’s souls and allows you to revive your other party members.

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