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Midnight Ghost Hunt: How to Kill Red Ghosts

After the clock strikes midnight in Midnight Ghost Hunt, the ghosts turn red and become seemingly invincible. Is there anything you can do at that point?




The rules of Midnight Ghost Hunt are rather simple – hunters get 5 minutes to deal with the ghosts, and if they can’t succeed in that timeframe the ghosts turn into their much more powerful red forms, which in turn, hunt the ghostbusters. Though it might seem like the game is over for the ghost hunters, there are is still a way to win, with enough skill.

How to Kill Red Ghosts in Midnight Ghost Hunt

Technically, you can kill any red ghost the same way you would a normal ghost – by shooting it until its HP depletes. The problem is, red ghosts have an absolutely insane amount of health and on top of that, they can easily kill you in a couple of seconds.

But, if you’re able to work together with your other team members and focus all of your fire on one red ghost at a time, you should be able to get rid of it. But taking own the entire enemy team like that can be incredibly difficult…

Running and Hiding

The other way to win a match in this situation is to survive the red ghosts onslaught for 4 minutes. Afterward, they will return to their normal, blue form and will become much easier to dispatch.

To survive, you’d want to quickly get out of the ghost’s line of sight and hide. Of course, it’s still incredibly difficult, but if a few of your team members were already killed, it might be the only option…

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