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Dying Light 2: Huge Update that Will Change Everything | New Update Guide

Dying Light 2 recently got its first update since its launch in 2021. The developers have brought about some huge updates and changes to the game.




Techland, the developer of Dying Light 2, has stepped up its game with the new updates to the game. There’s a new game plus mode, new weapons, new missions, quests, and rewards. You’ll come across many new things, but not to worry, this guide has you covered.

Huge Update That Will Change Everything | New Update Guide – Dying Light 2

The updates are seen immediately after you open the game and browse the main menu. The campaign mode in the main menu now has a new game plus mode tagged the Reddest Red. This game plus mode appears when you have saved the normally completed campaign files. We recommend you back up the files before you launch the new game plus mode, just in case.

You can continue with all the skills and items from the first playthroughs in the game plus mod except the knight runner tools.

Legendary Weapons

You can unlock legendary weapons in the new encounter mode you’ll find in the game’s maps, as highlighted by an orange icon. These legendary weapons have better stats in dealing damages, even on one-handed weapons.

GRE Crates

There are additional GRE crates to give you the inhibitors you need to upgrade your stamina and health. With increased stamina and health level, you’ll have better fighting and parkour skills.


As rewards, the DLC samurai and peacekeeper packs have been turned into skins from the rare quality in which they came. With this, you can now equip your best end-game gear and turn on or off these skins from the character menu.


The new update comes with a five-part side quest or event that’s called something big has been here. You can trigger this quest from your objectives menu, and you’ll get to fight special types of goons with different elements. In addition, you’ll get legendary weapons from this quest that will appear in your stash section.

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