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Overwatch 2: How to Fix Capped at 60 FPS on PC | Increase FPS to 120

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Recently released Overwatch 2 has already attracted a large player base. It is a sequel and successor to Overwatch. You only need to download the game to play it.

The game has seen some adjustments, particularly in the teams.  FPS is crucial to your gameplay in all first-person shooter games. We’ll demonstrate how to raise Overwatch 2’s FPS cap for you.

How to Fix Capped at 60 FPS on PC, Increase FPS to 120 in Overwatch 2

When playing games like Overwatch 2, limiting your frame rate will be beneficial. Screen tearing indicates that your graphics card and monitor are not in sync. It’s terrible when your screen tears when you’re playing a game.

Frame limiters were created for this reason. The maximum frame rate in Overwatch 2 is 60 FPS, although you can raise it to 120.

Changing the Frame Rate

Overwatch 2’s PC frame rate is restricted to 60 FPS. By selecting options from the Menu, you can modify this.

Find Frame Rate after switching off VSync on the Video tab. Change the Frame Rate option to Custom. Decide on your desired and maximum frame rates.

Be aware that the FPS Counter would always be capped at 60 FPS in the Menu if you enabled it in the options.

This may also need to be done in the graphics card settings. Select Manage 3D settings in your Radeon settings or Nvidia Control Panel. Track down Vertical sync by scrolling down. Your frame rate will not be limited to 60 FPS when you return to the game.

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