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Overwatch 2: How to Unlock and Equip Name Card

Name cards allow you to further customize your Overwatch 2 profile, and you can do this by obtaining name cards via the Battle Pass.




The fact that Overwatch 2 has gone free-to-play means that Blizzard has to put in some form of monetization to the game somehow. And they actually did that by providing several customization options for players which they can obtain from the Battle Pass.

One such customization comes in the form of a name card. Let’s find out how you can get one in this guide.

How to Unlock and Equip Name Card in Overwatch 2

Credits: YourSixGaming

To unlock a name card, all you need to do is progress your Battle Pass in the game. You can do this by leveling it up by completing daily quests and objectives. You can actually obtain a handful of name cards in the free version of the Battle Pass.

Credits: YourSixGaming

Once you have a name card, head over to your main menu and choose Career Profile. Inside, move to the Customization tab. Here, move to the Name Cards section, and simply choose the name card you want to use under the list of available cards.

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