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Warframe Angels of Zariman: What are Zarium Accolade and Where to Find Them

Angels Of Zariman is a video game with many exciting features as you roam freely aboard the Zariman Ship to complete missions and discover loots. One of the most coveted loot in the game is the Zarium Accolade.




There are many pickup items scattered aboard the Zariman as your run missions and quests in the third-person free-to-play action game. Some of these pickup items include the Voidplume quills and the Zarium accolade that also gives a Voidplume quill. It’s pretty easy to get a Zarium Accolade aboard the Zariman once you complete the main Angels of the Zariman quest.

What Are Zarium Accolades and Where to Find Them – Warframe: Angels Of Zariman

The Zarium accolade is a pickup object with varying designs found on the Zarium ship. With its varying designs, it still has an expected dimension as long as a Warframe’s arm. You can compare its likeness to a Datamass.

When you hold the Zarium accolade, it substitutes the primary weapon till the accolade is dropped. The void spark, also known as the golden instinct, highlights the Zarium accolades.

Where To Find A Zarium Accolade

The Zarium accolade becomes available on the Zariman once you complete the primary Angels of the Zariman quest. The accolades are mainly close to the Cephalon Melica’s interaction console.

The Zarium accolade gives off a humming or chiming sound when you’re within ten meters of it. Once you have the Zarium accolade picked up, you can proceed to the Cephalon Melica’s interaction console to exchange the accolade for a single drop of the Voidplume quill.

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Grounded: Where to Find Toenail | Location Guide

Toenail can be used to craft a Tier 3 Weapon like the Toenail Scimitar





Grounded is full of wacky yet vital and creative resources. Since we are shrunk to the size of an action figure, we can use various resources that we normally wouldn’t. One resource that fits this description is the Toenail. Despite obvious reasons, the Toenail is used is needed in crafting strong tier 3 weapons like the Toenail Scimitar.

But how do we even get Toenails? Luckily, this guide will help you find Toenail resource that is usually hard to find. Let’s go.

Where to Find Toenail?

You can find Toenails in the Dirty Ashtray located in Shed Surroundings. The Area is full of deadly creatures so make sure you have formidable weapons and gear at your disposal.

To Find the Dirty Ashtray, you first make your way to the Samsquanch Dirt Bike. It’s the giant red bike that’s laid on the ground and is one of the easy ways to reach the deck of the Shed.

Once you make your way to the deck, keep moving forward until you see a green hose. Climb the green hose until you reach the Bomber Baseball Bat.

When you reach the end of the bat, you will be forced to glide onto the chair filled with hostile insects. Once you land, quickly get onto the hammer to safely get away from the creatures.

You will then see a table with an ashtray placed on it. Simply, climb the ashtray where you will see many toenail resources you can harvest. Ripe with yours for the taking!

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