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Skull and Bones: Best Places to Farm Zinc

Being a pirate is about mining sometimes too




Farm zinc in Skull and Bones bets locations

Before you can be the lord of the seven seas in Skull and Bones, you need resources, which means that you should know the best places to farm zinc.

A lot of possible weapons, upgrades, repairs, and items you can craft need some ingredients, such as zinc ingots. To get them, you need to gather this metal, which can be found scattered throughout the map.

Some of the places where zinc respawns aren’t the best locations, which might make it difficult to gather enough. Here we will tell you the best places to get this metal.

Best Places Where You Can Farm Zinc in Skull and Bones

In Skull and Bones, the best places to farm zinc are in the East Indies, very close to one another. However, before you sail to any of those locations, you must have a pickaxe tool in your inventory in order to harvest it.

470 meters south of the Ring of Fire

There is a settlement 470 meters south of the Ring of Fire, on an island near the supply route, where you can find zinc. You can harvest the metal on the coast of these islands.

Skull and Bones farm zinc lcation 1

Telok Penjarah

On the coast of this island, there is plenty of zinc to harvest.

Skull and Bones farm zinc Telok Settlement

Oosten Capital

Near Oosten Capital, there are a lot of harvestable resources, including zinc. This is a perfect location if you want to get a lot of materials.

Skull and Bones Farm Zinc Oosten Capital


There is a lot of zinc along the coast of the island this settlement is located on. Additionally, this island is close to some of the ones we mentioned before. If you want to make a harvesting route, this is the best start.

Skull and Bones farm zinc Sainte-Anne

All the natural, harvestable materials, respawn after a few days. In other words, you can harvest items in the same places after a few days. You can also plunder your way and get everything you need fighting for it; however, this is the safest alternative.

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