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Skull and Bones: Sloop Ship Blueprint Location

Bring fire and brimstone to your foes!




The Sloop Ship is one of the many ships you can get in Skull and Bones, provided you know the location of its blueprint.

Find the blueprint and craft it to get a brand-new vessel. The Sloop ship is renowned for its focus on fire and burning damage. Set your foes’ ships ablaze, making them scared for their lives as chaos ensues!

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Sloop ship blueprint so you can expand your ship repertoire. All hands on deck, mateys!

Sloop Ship Blueprint Location

Skull and Bones: Sloop Ship Blueprint Location

You can get the Sloop Ship blueprint from the Ungwana Merchant at the Sunken Goldmine, in the Ziwa Kubwa part of the Coast of Africa. It’s only available once you reach Infamy Rank 5, Buccaneer.

Sunken Goldmine location on the map

It’s far to the west from Saint-Anne, so be ready to sail for quite a while! On top of that, you’re likely to find strong ships as you sail these treacherous waters, so be careful.

For reference, it’s even further west than the Poacher’s Cache area. If you have already visited that area, you can use its fast travel point to speed up the process.

The merchant that sells the blueprint

Once you reach the Sunken Goldmine, though, just look for the Ungwana Merchant in the camp near the beach and you’ll find the Sloop Ship blueprint in her wares.

It costs 4950 Silver, so make sure to bring enough. This ship specializes in dealing fire and burning damage, which can be extremely destructive to anyone who dares face you.

Crafting the ship

Additionally, the blueprint will require the following resources to craft it at the Shipwright:

  • Cobalt Ingot x8
  • Fine Hemp x8
  • Casting Sand x4
  • Lime x4
  • Silver x2700

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know to get the ferocious Sloop ship blueprint! Now go out there and sail the seas with your new vessel, matey!

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