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Skull and Bones: Solo PvP Guide

Take on other pirate crews even by your lonesome!




Trying to PvP as a solo player in Skull and Bones is, frankly, ill-advised. You are very likely to frequently match up against players who are in groups, which will leave you outnumbered.

However, there are still certain things you can do to try to get an edge over your opponents. Having the right setup, for example, can help balance things a little.

So, if you insist on partaking in solo PvP, read on for our guide! We’ll try to help make things a little fairer for you.

Solo PvP Guide

The Basics of PvP

Skull and Bones: Solo PvP Guide - Event on the Map

Currently, there are two types of PvP you can play in Skull and Bones: Cutthroat Cargo Hunt and Hostile Takeover. Both of these PvP events spawn randomly across the map as red skull symbols.

Cutthroat Cargo Hunt

Cutthroat Cargo Hunt will task you and other players with claiming a treasure. It appears on the water, so it’s easy for the first player in the area to claim it. Whoever has it will need to go to a randomly marked outpost to get the treasure.

However, players can wreck each other’s ships to claim the treasure for themselves. As a solo player, your best bet in this mode is to focus purely on speed. Other players can’t destroy what they can’t catch!

Competition is sure to become extreme in Cutthroat Cargo Hunt, as it doubles as the best way to get legendary items early.

Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover, on the other hand, is all about ship-to-ship combat. You and other players compete to take each other and NPCs out to dominate the area.

This mode is a lot simpler, but a lot harder for a solo player to succeed. You will want to have strong weapons to wreck enemy ships with ease, while also having a fast and sturdy ship for defense!

With the basics down, let us give you some recommendations on what type of weapons and ship to use for solo PvP.

Hullbreaker Brigantine ship

When it comes to ships, your best bet by far is the Hullbreaker Brigantine. It’s the fastest ship in the game, and also extremely sturdy. You can get the blueprint for it at the Ruined Lighthouse area.

The downside? It’s a late-game ship. You won’t be able to get it until you reach the “Cutthroat” Infamy Rank, which is one of the highest ranks attainable currently.

Nonetheless, we simply can’t recommend this ship enough. Its speed and sturdiness will be necessary to help you survive in PvP as a solo player!

Skull and Bones promotional combat screenshot

For weapons, we recommend the following:

  • Bombard Cannon – Has great range and doesn’t require a lot of precision, all while dealing devastating damage. A great all-rounder for all game modes, truth be told.
  • Demi Cannon – Extremely strong at close range, capable of neutering enemy ships with very few shots. Really strong in Hostile Takeover!
  • Ballista – A bow weapon, so it goes at the front of the ship. Can deal high consistent damage to ships in front of you.
  • Scurlock’s Chases – Obtained as part of the game’s main story, it’s a precision long-range weapon. Particularly excellent for destroying masts, making it great for Cutthroat Cargo Hunt.

Use the Hullbreaker Brigantine with these powerful weapons and you will suddenly feel like PvP swings a bit more in your favor, even as a solo player! We wish you the best of luck out at sea, captain.

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