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Skull and Bones: How to Get a Bigger Beard

A beard is key for a pirate!




The facial hair selection during character creation in Skull and Bones is fairly barebones, leaving a lot of players wishing to get a bigger beard.

Thankfully, there are facial hair cosmetics spread across the game. Some of them give you a much more luscious bear than the pittance you get from character creation!

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the best facial hair cosmetic for a bigger beard and how to find it.

How to Get a Bigger Beard

Skull and Bones: How to Get a Bigger Beard - Promo Screenshot

Sadly, Skull and Bones doesn’t feature any real-time beard growth mechanics or anything of the sort. For shame! So, the only way to get a bigger beard is to buy it as a cosmetic.

Thankfully, the biggest beard that has been found so far is purchasable with in-game currency, no microtransactions or anything of the sort.

The beard cosmetic is called “Curly Facial Hair”, and the problem is actually finding it.

Mother of Shipwrecks location on the map

Most players report that you can purchase it for 1200 Silver from the Rogue Trader in the Mother of Shipwrecks. You can find that landmark in the Reef Sea, straight southwest of Saint-Anne, so it’s not too hard to find.

However, other players report that the Rogue Trader has different cosmetics for them instead of the Curly Facial Hair beard. It’s quite a conundrum!

It’s unknown what causes it, but merchants currently seem to rotate their stock of cosmetics. As such, your best bet is to keep checking in on the Rogue Trader at the Mother of Shipwrecks every now and then.

Sadly, no other traders in the game have been reported to have the Curly Facial Hair cosmetic. Yet, it’s by far the best cosmetic to get if you simply want a bigger beard!

Promotional screenshot for Skull and Bones

Most other facial hair cosmetics are mustaches or relatively short beards, which is why the Curly Facial Hair stands out…

Nonetheless, now you know which cosmetic you need to hunt down.

We highly recommend just checking in on the Mother of Shipwrecks trader frequently, though we hope she has the cosmetic right away for you!

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