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XCOM 2: How to Get More Engineers

To make the most out of your facilities, you’ll need a lot of engineers. Here’s how to get them.




Engineers are essential to winning the fight against the aliens in XCOM 2. They offer unique bonuses when you staff them in the different facilities in your Avenger.

This can mean increasing the training speed of Psi operatives, the healing rate of your soldiers, and even the power you get from relays. However, you can’t just get more engineers whenever you want.

There are specific and limited ways to do so. If you don’t know what they are, read on to find out.

How to Get More Engineers in XCOM 2

How to Get More Engineers in XCOM 2

There are 4 ways for you to get more engineers, or at least their functions. You can get them through mission rewards, recruit them at your HQ or the black market, use Gremlins instead, or get them from certain scan events. Let’s discuss each of these options.

Missions and Covert Actions

The main way to get engineers in XCOM 2 will be as a reward for missions. Pay attention to what type of reward you will get for each mission before committing to it. If you are hesitating between that extra engineer and another reward, don’t worry. There are other ways to get them, this is just the most common one.

If you are playing the War of the Chosen DLC, you can also get more engineers as a reward for some Covert Actions.

Recruit them from your HQ or The Black Market

From time to time, you’ll get a message telling you that there are new recruits available at your HQ. You need to move your base back there on the map and check the fist icon to see if there are any engineers available.

Also, the black market will sometimes have engineers for you to recruit available by paying supply. The cost can be a little steep at times, so whether you go for this option will depend on how desperate you are.

Staff Workshops for Gremlins

This technically isn’t a way to get another engineer, but for all intents and purposes works like one. If you staff an engineer in a workshop you will get two Gremlins to use.

Gremlins work exactly as engineers but can only be staffed to facilities that are adjacent to the workshop. So, by building facilities where you want to staff engineers next to a workshop, you can just staff an engineer there instead and use the Gremlins for the other facilities.

Rumors from the Resistance

There are two rumors, or scan events, that can give you an additional Engineer. These are the Stockade and Landmark events.

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