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XCOM 2: How to Increase Power?

Your Avenger is going to need a lot of juice to send those aliens packing.




Just like in the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you are going to need power to operate the facilities in your moving base. If you start building labs and workshops without paying attention to your power levels, you’ll soon run out of it.

But luckily for you, getting more power is actually very simple. All you have to do is build some

How to Increase Your Power in XCOM 2

There are 3 ways for you to increase the power of your Avenger. You can either build Power Relays and staff them with engineers, build them specifically in Exposed Power Coils, or scan some specific “Rumor from the Resistance” events.

Let’s take a deeper look at each:

Power Relays and Staffing

The main way to increase your power cap is to build more Power Relays. Each power relay that you build will provide +3 power. But that’s not all.

Power Relays and Staffing XCOM 2

You can staff an Engineer (or Gremlin) here to get +5 power more. On top of that, you can upgrade power relays to provide even more power. The Elerium Conduit upgrade increases their power output by 6, and the Extra Conduit upgrade gives +2 more power and allows you to staff a second engineer, for an extra 5 power.

Learn how to get more engineers in XCOM 2 here.

Power Coils

Your Avenger has rooms with Power Coils that work much as Steam Vents did in the first one. Meaning, if you build a Power Relay here it will provide you with more power than usual. Specifically, you will get +10 power for any relay you build here (+7 more than normal).

Power Coils XCOM 2

However, there is another bonus to Power Coils. If you build a facility other than a power relay here it will cost 0 power. For power-intensive facilities like the Shadow Chamber and the upgraded Psionics Lab, that can free up a lot of baggage from your power grid.

These rooms are usually located in the bottom two rows, so you won’t be able to make use of them right away.

Rumor from the Resistance events

If you are looking for more power, then you should keep an eye on the randomized “Rumor from the Resistance” scan events. There are two events that can add +3 power to the total pool of your avenger, which is the equivalent of an unstaffed power relay. These are the Clinic and Radio Beacon events.

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