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Warframe Angels of Zariman: How to Get All Voidplumes

The Voidplume is one of the new drops introduced by the Angels of Zariman update in Warframe.




The recently released Angels of Zariman update in Warframe Angels of Zariman includes the new Voidplumes, categorized in tiers that can be obtained by doing missions around the Zariman tileset.

The latest patch also guarantees 8 Voidplumes every mission, with 3 out of 8 being rare tiers. It means every task will award you a Voidplume Crest. If you want to know the best farming location for the Voidplumes, keep reading the article below.

How to Get All Voidplumes in Warframe Angels of Zariman

You can use Voidpumes to increase your Standing in the Crystalith with a new Syndicate and craft recipes for Gyre, Laetum, Phenmor, and Praedos.

There is a total of five Voidplumes, namely Voidplume Down, Voidplume Vane, Voidplume Crest, Voidplume Quill, Voidplume Pinion.

Farming Location

The best farming locations for Voidplumes are non-endless missions, as players can explore the tileset after finishing each task.

The Halako Perimeter Exterminate Mission is particularly effective since it forces the player to navigate a large amount of the area.

You can gain higher tiers of Voidplumes through killing unique Void manifestation enemies or from Melica Caches.

On the other hand, you can obtain lower tiers in-mission and from Bounty drop tables, similar to Medallions.

The tiers are listed below, from highest to lowest:

●             Voidplume Pinion

●             Voidplume Crest

●             Voidplume Quill

●             Voidplume Vane

●             Voidplume Down

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