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Palworld: How to Restore Destroyed Base From Backup Save

Act like nothing ever happened at all.




Raids and wild Pals can easily destroy your bases in Palworld, but the game keeps a backup save that you can use to restore any destroyed base.

Certain Raids are extremely overpowered currently, such as the suicide-bombing Toctocos. They can implode next to your Palbox, destroying your entire base in seconds. Nobody wants that!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to restore a backup save from before your base got destroyed. Of course, though, this only works on the PC version.

How to Restore Destroyed Base From Backup Save

Palworld: How to Restore Destroyed Base From Backup Save

First of all, make sure to close the game entirely. We’re going to be messing with save files, so just make sure the game isn’t running!

Opening the save folder

When Palworld is closed, press Windows Key + R to bring up the “Run” window and then enter this address: %localappdata%\Pal\Saved\SaveGames

First numeric folder

This will bring you to your Palworld save folder, and you should first see a folder with a long string of random numbers.

Alphanumeric folder

Open that folder and you should see yet another folder that’s a long string of numbers and letters. Open that one folder as well.

If you’re wondering, these strings of numbers and letters are your Steam ID and Palworld Player ID. They are unique for everyone!

You should now be inside a folder that has 4 files and 2 folders. Ignore the WorldOption file and the Players file.

The important folder and files

Instead, focus on the “backup” folder and the following files:

  • Level
  • LevelMeta
  • LocalData

You want to find those 3 files inside of the backups made by the game, so open the “backup” folder.

Inside the "backup" folder

Inside the “backup” folder, there are two more folders. One is called “local” and the other is called “world”.

The “local” folder has backups for the “LocalData” file, while the “world” folder has backups for the “Level” and “LevelMeta” files.

With that said, open either folder and you’ll see another massive list of folders with numerical names. This process sure has a lot of folders, huh?

Finding The Right Backup Save

Timestamped backup folder list

The most important thing to know here is that the name for these folders is a timestamp. This lets you know when the backup save for Palworld was made. They use a 24-hour clock for time, as well, so keep that in mind.

For example, “2024.01.29-04.05.12” means the game saved a backup at 04:05 AM on January 29th, 2024.

Look for whichever timestamp is the most recent from before your base got destroyed and open the folder. Figuring out the right timestamp is, of course, going to vary for every single player…

Replacing saved file with backup save

Once you’ve found the best candidate, copy its contents to the folder that has the large string of numbers and characters. The one that had the 4 files and 2 folders, as shown above.

Windows will ask if you want to replace the file, so just click “Yes” and you will have restored the backup save! Do this until you replaced all 3 files mentioned before.

It's all good now!

When you’re done restoring the backup, launch Palworld again. Your world should now be in an older state, preferably from before your base got destroyed.

You might lose some progress by loading old backups this way, but it sure as hell beats having to rebuild from scratch!

Now, we also recommend that you give our guide on base defense a read. It will help you prevent these accidents from happening again!

Nonetheless, now you know how to restore a backup save to recover your destroyed bases in Palworld.

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