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Infinite Magicraid: How to Get 5-Star Heroes

Let’s find out what food we need to use to awake our heroes in this fantastic and addictive game.




Infinite Magicraid is a new RPG, card-based game that you can install on your mobile phone today.

With this game, you enter a magical world rich in heroes and magical creatures. In this game, you need to make the most of your strategic skill in order to plan every move that will bring you victory.

What is this game about?

Basically, you control a group of heroes and you have to pair them up in different ways to develop the perfect strategy.

Pre-registration for Infinite Magicraid started on 7th September, and players can download it on their iOS and Android devices.

Now, it’s time to show you how to unlock 5 Star heroes in Infinite Magicraid.

How to Unlock 5-Star Characters – Infinite Magicraid

First way to find food is through campaign. Through campaings you can win heroes that have one or two stars.

But you can also loot food, to win heroes. It’s the easiest way to win heroes you don’t have.

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The only downside of this option is that you will spend a lot of energy, and heroes that have 1 or 2 stars are not that strong.

Another option for obtaining heroes is from chests.

Chests can be collected every now and then and from there you can get more equipment that you need for the game.

Of course, take into account how old you are. If you collect all 3 stars on each stage in the campaign, you increase your chances for better loot in the chests.

Another way to unlock heroes is through the Shop.

Visit the Currency Store and spend the money you earn there to unlock heroes and shards. Shards are very important items that are very valuable in Infinite Magicraid.

The third way to unlock new heroes is through your friends. Friends are here to do you a favor, of course!

Make sure you have 30 friends (that’s the maximum number) and that they send you rewards. Also, you can also send them rewards so it’s a mutual service.

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The last way to unlock heroes is by using the Dragon. Visit Dragon Cliff, a dungeon where you can farm eggs. You must have 10 fights before you face the boss. At the beginning you will get (if you successfully beat the final boss) eggs with three stars.

Later, you will be able to unlock eggs with four stars.

Also, don’t forget to use the Dispatch, which is a great way to get some gear in this game. The higher your level in the game, the better quests you will be able to complete.

Which of course means better rewards for you!

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