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Infinite Magicraid: Best Reroll Combinations & Best Teams

Roll and hope for the best!

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infinite magicraid best reroll combinations best teams

In Infinite Magicraid, you embark on adventures across the Lowes Continent to defeat the evil god, Lihem. For that, you need to collect heroes and summon the strongest companions you possibly can. But who are those, exactly? What’s the best reroll combination you can get? How to make your team strong enough to rise to the challenge? Read on to find out!

Best Reroll Combinations & Best Teams – Infinite Magicraid

First off, if this is your first gacha game, you might be wondering what reroll is. Simply put, rerolling involves starting the game, over and over, until you get the character that you want when summoning.

Rerolling gives you a chance of getting the best characters right off the bat. It’s also advantageous to save money you’d otherwise spend on rerolling later on.

What Heroes should you be looking for?

That depends on which play style you wish to focus. In Infinite Magicraid, there are basically three team compositions that will make your band of Heroes stand out.

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First, we have HP Burner. And there’s one character that you’ll want to look out for: Hezonja. You can pair him with Okmin since both are powerful Heroes with AOE (Area of Effect) HP Burn effects on their basic attacks and most of their skills.

infinite magicraid best reroll combinations best teams2 1
Source: TrollGaming from YouTube

Late game, you’ll want to team up Hezonja or Okmin with Katherine for explosive HP Burner effects!

You could also take Melia or Sigmund, but none of them is as powerful as Hezonja. With him, you can also pair Phocas or Asindo; the former contributes to one-shots and the latter to easy three stars on the campaign.

Another strategy is to pair Hezonja with Greta from the Green Mark to help on the Tower of Mark.

Hezonja is not only the most powerful HP Burner, but he’s also considered one of—if not the—most powerful Hero in the current state of the game. So, you’ll definitely want him on your side!

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The second combination you can try is Bleed. If you’re considering going down this path, then Elleena is a must-have. Your goal with her is to arrive at her three stacks as quickly as possible, for then she unleashes her true power!

infinite magicraid best reroll combinations best teams3
Source: TrollGaming from YouTube

Then, you might want to pair her either with Nid Rold, to increase your chances of applying Bleed, or Natalie, who has more Bleed effects despite lower damage.

Elleena also works well with Holder, Oboro, and Reeves.

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Poison is your third combination option. When it comes to this build, you’ll need three Heroes: Walter, Taff, and Wolsey. Unlike the other builds, those three are necessary for a proper Poison team.

Later, you’ll also want to acquire Malassa or Matka, and then Nita.

infinite magicraid best reroll combinations best teams4
Source: TrollGaming from YouTube

And that’s it for this guide! Good luck with rolling and rerolling!

Thanks TrollGaming for the great walkthrough. If you want to know more, please check out his video: Infinite Magicraid : BEST REROLL COMBINATIONS AND BEST TEAMS !!

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