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Hydroneer 2.0: How to Use the New Belts Guide

Hydroneer has changed a lot since the new update, and knowledge is needed to know how most new things work.




One of the changes made was to the conveyor belts. However, the difficulty is that they do not come with pipes. It is initially hard to use, but it becomes easier as you practice with it.

How to Use the New Belts Guide- Hydroneer

The new version of this game removes the pipes from the conveyor belts, which was a feature in the previous update. Instead, one way to use the conveyor belt is with the water system. Here is a walk-through of the process of creating a functional water system.

Figure Out Your Build

It doesn’t matter if you use metal or clouding pipes, but we’re using them here. So, to begin, determine which directions your pipes are facing. This will make building much more effortless and eliminate pipe duplication.

The Direction of the Conveyor

Now you attach the conveyor belts to the pipes and adjust them in the desired direction so that they face the direction of the water. For example, a green arrow would point you in the right direction. The pipes can be facing one way while the conveyors face the other; what counts is that they are in contact.

Without a pipe between them, conveyors will not lay. You may also utilize the valves to divert the pipes, which gives you more control over where your water is stopped and improves over the small red buttons.

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