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Hydroneer 2.0: How to Start | Beginners Guide

Hydroneer released the first patch for the 2.0 version, which fixes some of the most severe bugs and fantastic new features.




Hydroneer is a video game developed by Foulball Hangover, which received a 4.7 rating; it is a sandbox where you can mine and build bases. Dig for gold and other minerals to make money and improve your mining enterprise. Create an operations base, create weapons, go fishing, and dig deep.

How to Start| Beginners Guide- Hydroneer 2.0

The game’s concept is simple: dig holes, claim a parcel of land, establish a small factory, and build a house. Once this is done, go fishing and enjoy yourself. Here are some things to help you start; 

Learn to Make Money – First step

Knowing how to make money is not difficult. The first step is to dig a hole, starting in the middle because the ground slopes down.

Next, head down to the river, where you’ll find a bucket, a pan, and a brush beside the bridge, and use the spades from the lamp post plus the bucket. Return the bucket to the middle, fill it with sand, transfer it to a pan and submerge it in water.

Learn to Make Money – Second Step

Use the brush on the pan to find ores and jewels. Do this a few times, say eight to ten times. Once this is completed, take a trip to the jeweler following the map. Place your pan on the wooden desk and press the sell button when you arrive. This will result in some coins being added to the bucket. Pick up these coins and proceed to the equipment store conveniently located near your starting point.

Raise Your Cash Growth

Investing in Pipes is a great way to raise your cash growth, eliminating manually placing your pan in the water. Instead, this can be accomplished by putting an “intake water pipe” in the water and linking it to other pipes.

Buy a Plot of Land

You should have a significant amount of money to spend by now, and purchasing a plot of land is a terrific method. However, buying a property of land is an entirely different experience. For starters, it allows you to build vast infrastructure in ample open space. You can create larger automation configurations using it.

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How To

Genshin Impact: How to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nisut

Don’t get stuck and reach Khaj-Nitsu upper floor.





Operating the Prism of Khaj-Nisut is a quest objective part of the Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand quest, which in turn is part of the Golden Slumber questline. After beating the three trials in Khaj-Nisut, you’ll be asked to find your way there, enter its main structure, and explore the lower floor.

You’ll eventually come to the upper one, and there a puzzle awaits you. Let this guide teach you how to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nitsu and reach the floor.

How to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nisut in Genshin Impact

Getting to the Prism

After you’re done exploring the lower floor and your objective changes to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nitsu, return to the main hall of the structure and look around for an updraft.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

The updraft will take you to a series of floating platforms. Ignore them and focus on the two Four-Leaf Sigils visible from the highest point of the updraft, as using them in succession will leave you in front of the Prism.

It’s red colored and in the center of a platform that is also in the center of everything else.

The puzzle has you change and operate the Prism to move the platforms in a way that they aren’t interrupting any Primal Beam. Doing so without understanding can just worsen the puzzle and make it more complicated.

There’s more than one solution to this puzzle, but to avoid the hassle use the shortest one we provide for you:

  • Operate
  • Switch (The Prism will turn blue)
  • Operate
  • Operate

When the deed is done a mechanism will appear. Use the Four-Leaf Sigil close to it to stick to the wall and Start Up the mechanism.

A short scene triggers showing you an elevator. Walk to the center of the platform-elevator and Activate it to reach the upper floor. You’re done here.

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