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How to Upgrade Weapons – Voidtrain

Find modules and use them at the armory to customize your weapons.




Voidtrain has a nice modular weapon upgrade system for customizing weapons. You can find weapon modules as you explore, which you can then use to upgrade weapons.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding and using weapon modules!

How to Upgrade Weapons in Voidtrain

Source: Quick Tips

The first thing you will need to upgrade weapons is the Armory crafting station. This is a Phase 8 research project, so you will need to complete all the previous 7 phases to be able to unlock it.

Additionally, you will need the following materials to complete the research:

  • Spring x2: made at the Workbench using 1 Iron Bar each.
  • Copper Pipe x2: made at the Workbench using 1 Copper Bar each.
  • Wood x2: found randomly in Depots and chests, as well as floating near debris in The Void.
Source: Quick Tips

You will need to get these materials twice, though! These same materials and amounts are also required to actually build the Armory after you complete the research.

Build the Armory and place it in your train and you will be able to upgrade weapons by using weapon modules.

Source: Quick Tips

Weapon modules are primarily found by taking out Nazi Soldiers in the Depots and looting them. You can also loot their weapons and dismantle them, which we will explain later in this guide.

They might also be found randomly in the chests you get from Witch Island puzzles, or by playing the Slot Machines that can be found at Depots.

How to Use Modules to Modify and Upgrade Weapons

Source: Quick Tips

Once you acquired another weapon or a weapon module, you just need to head back to the Armory.

Select the Change option and then select the weapon you wish to upgrade. Then select the component you wish to upgrade, such as the Barrel or the Grip.

Source: Quick Tips

You can choose any weapon module you have. You can also see a preview of the stat changes on the right side of the screen, which makes it easier to decide which modules to use!

Source: GGBeyond

If you wish to instead remove a module from a weapon, you just need to select the module and then click on the big red X.

Removing modules will allow you to reuse them in another weapon. Note that you can’t remove modules from your revolver, though!

That’s everything there is to know about upgrading and modifying weapons in Voidtrain.

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