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Voidtrain: How to Use Throwing Rings/Grapple

Get the throwing rings and use them to grapple onto debris, opening exploration possibilities.




You will be able to get Throwing Rings as you progress through the Research Phases in Voidtrain.

Use these rings to attach them onto various surfaces, then use your Winch to grapple onto them! This will allow you to explore new areas like the Witch Islands.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about obtaining and using the Throwing Rings.

How to Use Throwing Rings/Grapple in Voidtrain

Source: Quick Tips

To start, you will need to first craft the Throwing Rings and the Winch. Both of these items are Phase 7 Research technologies, so you will need to progress the game until you reach that phase.

Source: Quick Tips

You will need to get all of these materials and components to complete the research for both items:

  • Iron Bars x4: refining Scrap Metal at the Smelter.
  • Forcers x2: made at a Workbench with 1 Iron Bar and 1 Grease. You get Grease by refining Fat and Chemicals at a Lab.
  • Bolts x2: made at a Workbench with 1 Iron Bar.

After researching them, you will have the Winch unlocked and can craft Throwing Rings at the Workbench using only 1 Iron Bar for every 5 Throwing Rings.

How to Throw and Grapple onto Rings

Source: Quick Tips

Equip the Throwing Rings as your consumable and press the Consumables key. It’s the Q key by default.

Now press and hold right-click to aim it and a colored arc line will appear. This line appears in three colors, depending on various factors as follows:

  • Green: that means that the ring will successfully attach to the surface you’re aiming at. Feel free to throw it!
  • Yellow: lets you know that you’re not aiming at any surface. Don’t throw it or it will just be wasted in the vastness of the void.
  • Red: this means that you’re aiming at a surface, but the ring can not be attached to it. It will just fall off and be lost.

Left click once the line turns green to confirm the throw and the ring will attach to wherever you threw it at.

Now just aim at the stuck Throwing Ring and press the middle mouse button to attach your Winch to it, allowing you to grapple and explore further into the void!

If your mouse doesn’t have a middle button, you might need to change the bind in the game settings.

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