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Voidtrain: All Types of Puzzles and Their Solutions

Everything you need to know to solve all the Witch Island puzzles!




You will eventually gain access to Witch Islands as you progress through Voidtrain. These islands will always have a puzzle for you to solve.

There are multiple puzzle types and all of them also come in different forms! On top of that, their solutions are randomized.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to solve all puzzle types currently available.

Solutions To All Puzzles in Voidtrain

Source: Voidtrain Fandom

There are three different puzzle types in Voidtrain and all of them can be found within the Witch Islands.

These islands start appearing once you get to Phase 7 of research and get the Winch and Throwing Rings. Follow the fireflies that appear by the trail tracks and you will reach the island.

Source: Epokk

You will find at least one of the three different puzzle types on the island, and also a large sphere. This sphere holds a treasure inside of it, but it will only open once you solve the challenge!

Source: Epokk

Do note, however, that all three puzzle types are randomized. This means that the exact solution changes each time, but the method of solving them doesn’t.

Now, let’s go over each one of the three Witch Island puzzle types.

Laser Puzzle

Source: Voidtrain Fandom

This type of challenge involved a series of color-coded totems that spit lasers. Your goal is to match the lasers from the totems with the receptors placed around the central sphere.

Additionally, some totems have a lower section that acts as a receptor as well. Aiming a beam at this receptor will make the totem’s head spit out another laser, sometimes changing its form and color.

Source: Epokk

Note that some totems are already active from the beginning and you should be using them as your starting point.

The form of the totems can also help you see which laser color you have to use on them. Their shapes are as follows:

Source: Epokk
  • Blue Totem: head has a singular wing-shaped spike.
  • Red Totem: has two symmetric horns on its head.
  • Yellow Totem: has a spiky head of hair with thunder symbols.

Complete the laser circuits by matching the totems with the receptors near the sphere and the puzzle will be complete.

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Symbol Puzzle

Source: Voidtrain Fandom

This puzzle has a series of stones with Runes on them. You can approach the stones and rotate them, with the frontmost symbol glowing and being marked as the “active” symbol.

The hint for the puzzle is spread throughout the island as a bunch of white painted Runes. You need to match the runes on the stones with the runes that are painted. The order does matter, too!

Source: Aziel13

The easiest way to solve this is to look for small flashing lights. This will mark the best spot to look for the hints, so just approach it and turn around until you spot all of the painted rune symbols.

Source: Aziel13

Make a note of the symbols and their order from left to right. Rotate the stones to match the exact sequence of the painted symbols using the same runes and sequence order.

Set them all properly and they will all turn yellow, letting you know that you solved the puzzle!

Sound Puzzle

Source: Voidtrain Fandom

This puzzle involves a ghost Rofleemo and a series of monoliths. You can either approach the Rofleemo and interact with it manually, or you can also shoot it from a distance to make it play a series of sounds.

Source: Epokk

Rofleemos are little creatures with big eyes and stumpy limbs, they look somewhat similar to a lizard.

Additionally, there are a bunch of runes with symbols spread around the island. Pay close attention to the sounds from the Rofleemo and the drawings on these runes.

Source: Epokk

To solve the puzzle, you have to shoot the runes that represent the sounds made by the Rofleemo. For example, the sound of falling water is matched with the rain cloud.

You don’t need to get the order right, either, so you just need to focus on the sounds and drawings.

Do note that the Rofleemo also “speaks” between sounds. Don’t let that confuse you! Just ignore it and look for clear sound effects.

Source: Epokk

Drawings will appear on the monoliths and turn yellow once you complete the puzzle, dissolving the sphere and letting you get your reward.

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