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Voidtrain: How to Solve the Symbol Puzzle in Witch Island

Everything you need to solve this puzzle type!




Symbol Puzzles, also known as Combination Puzzles, are one of the puzzle types you will find at the Witch Islands in Voidtrain.

Rotate the stones with symbols until they match the ones painted around the area and you will get to claim a chest full of resources.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to know to solve these puzzles anytime they show up.

How to Solve the Witch Island Symbol Puzzle in Voidtrain

Source: Aziel13

Much like other puzzles in the game, the Symbol Puzzle in the Witch Islands is mostly randomized and can be found multiple times. Each time should have a different solution.

Because of that, we can’t just tell you the solution to this puzzle type! The symbols should differ each time the puzzle is encountered.

Nonetheless, we can still provide guidance by letting you know what you need to do to solve it. It’s a lot easier than it originally appears, but the hint to the solution is very easy to miss.

Anyway, let’s break down this puzzle!

Puzzle Solution

Source: Aziel13

You should stumble upon a series of stones with 4 different sides. The amount of stones varies each time, but they will always have the same amount of sides.

The frontal side of the stone is the active symbol and it glows to set itself apart from the other sides.

Additionally, you will find the same symbols painted all around the island. You have to position yourself so that you can see all symbols at once, then rotate the stones so that the active symbols match the painted ones.

The sequence’s order matters, as well! But placing yourself in the right spot will let you see the full sequence, which you just need to imitate with the stones.

To get in the right spot, look for a small flashing light and approach it. This light marks the spot where you can see all symbols from.

At the spot, just turn yourself around and look for the painted symbols. Make note of which symbols they are and the order they are in. The order is from left to right.

With that in mind, just rotate the stones so that the symbol sequence is identical to the painted ones. The order for the sequence is also from left to right, just like the painted ones.

Input the right sequence and the sphere will disintegrate, giving you a chest as your reward for solving the puzzle!

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