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Voidtrain: How to Solve the Impossible 5 Laser Witch’s Puzzle

This tricky puzzle might seem impossible but it’s easier than it seems.




You might stumble upon a seemingly-impossible 5-laser Witch’s Puzzle as you explore the Witch Islands in Voidtrain.

This puzzle has been somewhat infamous among players due to its apparent complexity, making some believe that it’s bugged or unsolvable.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the secret to this puzzle so you don’t get stumped!

Laser Puzzle Solution in Voidtrain

Source: StarStalker28

If you have trouble with this 5-laser puzzle, you might have missed out on one of the totems being somewhat hidden.

There’s a house on this Witch Island, and one of the totems is hiding behind it! It’s somewhat obscured by the debris and other totems, so players sometimes fail to notice it.

Start the puzzle by rotating the starting red laser toward this totem. This will make it shoot two red lasers.

Source: StarStalker28

With the help of the other totems, this red laser should land in the central red double laser totem. One laser should be directed toward one of the red goal totems, while the other will hit a blue-headed totem.

It’s somewhat confusing to explain in words. Use the images as a reference to what the puzzle should look like.

Use the lower red totem that’s close to the yellow bulb now. Rotate it so that it hits the leftmost red laser goal totem.

Source: StarStalker28

Now just confirm that all of the colored lasers reach their respective goal and the puzzle should be completed. You might need to quickly readjust lasers for the game to count them, just ensure they lead to the goal.

You will hear a loud shriek and the sphere in the center will disintegrate once you complete the laser circuit, giving you your reward.

Truthfully, the puzzle is deceptively simple and most players just get tripped up by the hidden totem. But now you know where to find that tricky one, making the puzzle drastically easier to complete.

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