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Torchlight Infinite: How to get Hero Emblems

Learn how to get Hero Emblems during the current season.




Hero Emblems are one of the currency types in Torchlight Infinite, primarily used to unlock Heroes and Hero Traits.

This currency is primarily tied to the game’s seasons, so the number of emblems and the exact method of obtaining them will vary each season.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Hero Emblems during the current “Cube of Rapacity” season.

How to get Hero Emblems in Torchlight: Infinite

Source: Gamesfuze

The main way to obtain Hero Emblems is by leveling up the Season Pass. You gain Season Pass experience by completing challenges during the season.

Every week of the season has a different set of challenges for you to complete, but there are also Dailies that allow you to get progress towards the pass every day during the season.

Source: Gamesfuze

Additionally, the Hero Emblems are only on the “Sliver Season Pass”, which is the free track. You don’t need to pay for the Golden Season Pass! There aren’t any Hero Emblems exclusive to the paid track, either.

These are the Season Pass levels that will reward you with this currency:

  • Level 10 – 5 Emblems
  • Level 25 – 5 Emblems
  • Level 35 – 5 Emblems
  • Level 45 – 5 Emblems
  • Level 50 – 5 Emblems
  • Level 60 – 10 Emblems
Source: Gamesfuze

You can also get this currency by completing the Seasonal Challenges in the Event Center. These are much tougher than the Season Pass quests and are meant for experienced players in the endgame.

Source: Gamesfuze

In fact, the first of these challenges can only be accomplished at Timemark 7! This is one of the highest difficulties for the postgame Netherrealm content, so it’s pretty late into the game.

Nonetheless, these are the Seasonal Challenges currently available and their emblem rewards:

  • Defeat Travelers 1 time (Timemark 7) – 5 Emblems
  • Defeat Plane Watchers 1 time (Timemark 8) – 10 Emblems
  • Defeat Tidemasters summoned with 3 Dark Surge Edicts 1 time – 10 Emblems
  • Defeat Travelers 1 time (Timemark 8) – 10 Emblems
Source: Official Steam Store Page

You can get a total of 35 emblems from the Season Pass and another 45 from the Seasonal Challenges. This gives you a net total of 70 Hero Emblems for the current season if you do everything!

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