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How to Upgrade Koraidon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Getting around Paldea is now easy with these Koraidon upgrades!




Paldea is a huge place, and if you’re unprepared, getting around it can be a real problem. Fortunately, Koraidon can acquire skills that significantly increase its options for traversal.

Basically, this Pokemon lets you move around quickly and even swim through bodies of water without any problem!

However, you first need to complete the Path of Legends questline to unlock its upgrades. Let’s find out how.

Upgrading Karaidon in Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet

Source: scarletviolet

Koraidon is a mythical Pokémon you will face in Pokémon Scarlet after receiving your starter Pokémon.

It will Pokémon act as your mount in the Paldea region as well as your main means of transportation. It’s also capable of learning new skills that help make travel a lot easier.

As mentioned, you must complete all the quests in the Path of Legends questline to upgrade Koraidon. The Trail of Legends, which is one of Scarlet and Violet’s three main stories, involves locating and combating various Titan Pokémon.

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Koraidon will devour the rare Herba Mystica after you beat a Titan Pokémon, giving it a new ability. Here are the upgrades that you’ll gain from defeating certain Titan Pokémons:

  • Stony Cliff Titan: Dash
  • False Dragon Titan: Jump boost
  • Lurking Steel Titan: Water traversal
  • Open Sky Titan: Glide
  • Quaking Earth Titan: Climb surfaces

You might try to complete all the missions in one go, but we advise you to explore the Victory Road and Starfall Street paths because there are major gaps between the recommended levels and tasks.

Source: Gamesradar

The order in which Koraidon earns new powers doesn’t change regardless of how you choose to battle the five Titan Pokémon.

Access to certain parts of the map that feature unique objects, characters, and Pokémons to interact with makes it important to gain these upgrades.

As you progress through the game, think about giving the Path of Legends tasks a priority if you wish to easily explore the Paldea region.

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