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How to Unlock and Defeat God King Gaemdriel Boss Chained Echoes

Are you brave enough to take on Gaemdriel? Let’s unlock and defeat this tough boss!




Are you strong enough to face Chained Echoes’ toughest boss?

Once you collect all six Elemental Tablets, all roads will lead to the God King Gaemdriel. That said, acquiring all tablets is time-consuming and challenging.

However, if you want to beat this optional boss, this guide will walk you through the process of getting all Elemental Tablets needed to unlock the final boss.

Defeating God King Gaemdriel in Chained Echoes

To unlock God King Gaemdriel, you first need to collect six tablets from different super bosses. Depending on your level, you can fight them in any order you want.

We strongly advise collecting the Elemental Tablets once you have completed the base game and the last quest called “Killing Gods”.

Once you’re that, you want to head over to the following locations for the super bosses and their tablets:

Boustrous (Water Tablet)

Source: DetectiveFail

The Narslene Sewers harbor something monstrous. However, if you play the game, you’ll get to the Sewers quite quickly during the course of your journey.

However, you don’t need to be in this part of the Narslene Sewers to find Boustrous. Instead, you can reach the Ograne Grottos’ secret Baalrut Tunnels to find three of the Super Bosses out of the five.

You must first locate the elevator key that gets you to Raminas Tower in order to access the Baalrut Tunnels. This is in the far-left chamber of the Courtyard section of the Nhysa Magic Academy.

Chel and Twi’Tone (Fire Tablet)

Source: CaravanKidd

Another Super Boss that you can find in the Baalrut Tunnels is Chel and Twi’Tone.  This time, however, the Super Boss is really found inside the Tunnels.

You will ultimately encounter this duo if you turn north as soon as you enter the Baalrut Tunnels.

After defeating this Super Boss, proceed north, past the location of their spawn to locate the exit leading to the Oasis to find the Fire Tablet.

Randomage (Earth Tablet)

Source: NeoSeeker

Randomage is found on the eastern side of Ograne Grottos. This Super Boss is exclusive to the area of Ograne Grottos which can only be accessed using the elevator key to Raminas Tower.

Assassin Girl (Light Tablet)

You must first collect the Baibai X card by finishing the “A Goblin’s Dilemma” side quest to access the last Super Boss protecting their Elemental Tablet.

After a short while of exploring the northeast side of Flower Fields of Perpetua, you will find the Assassin Girl. You need to defeat her to get hold of the Light Tablet.

Darkness Tablet

The Darkness Tablet is the last Elemental Tablet to collect. Despite not being defended by a Super Boss, you must complete a few tasks to get the last Tablet.

You must first finish Goblin’s Dilemma, which was required to obtain the Light Tablet in Perpetua.

The Miner’s Key is located in the Goblin Village close to the Village Merchant. Access the Mining Shaft of Rockbottom by using the Key on the Wygrand Mines Elevator.

After that, head east from there to find the  Darkness Tablet inside.

Go to the Altar at Ograne Grottos

Once you’ve gathered all of the Tablets, proceed to the west side of Ograne Grotto where you’ll find all six Stands for the Tablets to be placed inside.

Then, stand on the Altar’s now-glowing center to be transported to Chained Echoes’ ultimate battle.

This fight is extremely difficult, and Gaemdriel lives up to his reputation as the God King. Gaemdriel alternates between the magical and physical forms when fighting. Focus on boosting your Defense in the first half, and your Mind stat in the second.

To defeat Gaemdriel and survive his blows, be sure to provide your characters with the best weapons and armor possible.

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