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Farm Together: How to Get Ribbons?

Medals, commonly known as Ribbons, are one of the most important currencies in the game. Bur as the game progresses, they also get harder and harder to earn.




Ribbons, officially called Medals, are needed to buy almost every building in the game, except for shops and houses. As you’ll play the game more, you might find that the amount you can get from the quests is not enough for all your farming needs.

So how can you get more?

How to Get Ribbons in Farm Together

For most of the game, you will mainly be rewarded with ribbons for doing quests. But those quests will take much longer to complete as your level will increase, limiting the amount of ribbons you can earn in a reasonable amount of time.

Fortunately, there are a few alternatives.

The Shops

If you have a lot of coins at your disposal, you might use the gift shop to simply buy ribbons. But the prices are pretty high – one ribbon will cost you 250 000 coins. You can always use the Pawn Shop, however the exchange rate there isn’t much better – you will need to pay ten gold nuggets for a single ribbon.

The Stands

The best way to earn ribbons is through the use of three specific buildings: the Cheese Stand, the Jam Stall, or the Honey Stand. Selling you products through each of those gives you ribbons, but they are not easy to operate.

For the Cheese Stand, you’ll need to first raise animals like goats and cows for their milk and then turn that milk into cheese with the Diary building. Using the cheese stand, you can sell ten pieces of cheese every minute for one ribbon.

The Jam Stall works almost identical, only instead of animals you’ll need fruit trees and instead of Diaries, you want Fruit Press. Since trees can be harvested more than animals, this is the method of earning ribbons that most players like the most.

Honey Stand only needs honey from beehives, but not only does it consume 20 honey per use – beehives can only be harvested every 24 hours, making this method very slow.

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