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Farm Together: How to Get Gold Nuggets?

Though farming and gold digging don’t exactly go together well, Farm Together will let you try your hands at both. But unlike some of the things you’ll be gathering in the game, gold doesn’t grow on trees…




Though Gold Nuggets don’t have one specific use, they can be exchanged for a lot of cash and resources in the Pawn Shop. But they are very hard to find, and the game doesn’t offer you any hints on how to get them.

How to Get Gold Nuggets in Farm Together

How to Get Gold Nuggets in Farm Together

If you’re lucky, you can get gold nuggets by simply harvesting your crops. In time you’ll eventually get a nugget, but you have to understand that there is a small chance for a nugget to appear.

But simply harvesting and hoping for the best is not a very reliable method to get more than a few nuggets.

To maximize your chances, you can hire as many farmhands as possible, since you don’t need to be the one who does the harvesting for the nuggets to appear. But there are a few better methods to get these precious items…

Lucky Harvest

Every year, from March 1st until March 14th an event takes place in the game called “Lucky Harvest”.

Participating in it gives you a chance to win unique rewards, and it just so happens one of those is the Pot O’ Gold, a special building that can produce one gold nugget every 30 minutes!

But it’s not easy to get.

This event allows you to use a special type of crop called the four-leaf clover. The items offered during this event can be bought for this specific resource, and the Pot O’ Gold costs five thousand clovers, making it the most expensive thing you can buy using this resource.

The Arcane Horse

There is one more way to get the Gold Nuggets reliably, but it also requires you to participate in an event. This one is called the Alchemy Harvest and it takes place from March 18th until March 24th.

This one uses another special crop called magic crystals, which can be exchanged for fire horses. 50 fire horses will let you get a frost horse and 50 frost horses can be used to obtain an Arcane Horse.

When placed on the farm, it will also give Gold Nuggets, but only if you can only interact with it every 4 hours. And sadly, these are the only methods to get a stable Gold Nugget income.

But, if you’ve skipped the events in which you can obtain the Pot O’ Gold or the Arcane Horse, remember that other players can place objects on your farm. So, don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors – maybe someone has a spare.

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