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Dune Spice Wars: Lag/Freezing Issue Fix

Dune Spice Wars game has been receiving complaints concerning frequent lags and frames freezing during play. The developer has given reasons and probable solutions to the issue.




Dune Spice Wars is a video game developed by Shiro with a theme based on a mix of 4x and turn-based strategies. The video game has features you’ll encounter in both genres, but it’s pretty easy to grasp working mechanics and systems. The game requires selecting one out of four major factions to start playing.

You can either choose to play as House Atreides, House Harkonnen, the Smugglers, or the Fremen. These factions have their edges, but the gameplay remains the same for all. However, players who have had early access to the new game have complained about frequent lags and freezing while playing as any faction in the game.

Lag/Freezing Issue Fix – Dune Spice Wars

Regardless of your gaming system or computer specifications, you might be having the same problem playing Dune Spice Wars. After complaints from the early access players, the developer has replied with the cause and possible solution.

The developer apologized for the inconvenience the issues might have caused to the early access players. However, it said the cause of the lag/freezing issue is due to the game having more optimization and stability passes to fix. These are currently being worked on, and we hope improvements will come to the game soon.

Also, the developer suggested players launch the game in OpenGL to take care of the issues. While players have not given feedback concerning playing with OpenGL, we hope the issues are resolved soon so we can get a seamless experience.

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