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Bloodhunt: Top Tips That Will Improve Your Movement

Movement is an essential skill in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt. You will almost be untouchable in the free-to-play battle royale video game with the right movement tricks and tips.




The vampire clans in Bloodhunt possess unique skills that need to be well-utilized for victorious combats and exciting adventures. Your movement is vital to these skills. You can escape danger, give yourself an advantage in gunfights, and move faster across the map with the right movement tips and tricks.

Top Tips That Will Improve Your Movement – Bloodhunt

These tips will help you better understand the essential movement techniques to play Bloodhunt. There’ll be a lesson or two in here as a solo or trios player to help you dominate Prague. Fortunately, the movements in Bloodhunt are not complicated, so you’ll get the hang of the tips very quickly.


First off, the momentum of your vampire is vital. This momentum is the innate speed your vampire has to move in any direction, and without it, other movement mechanics will be futile. To build up the momentum of your vampire, run, slide, or jump walls in a particular direction without activating any of the skillsets.

Slide Jumping

Next, you can explore the other movement mechanics like slide-jumping, which is also essential. It’s more efficient on street level, and all you need do is run, slide, and jump. This manoeuvre makes it harder to be a target to enemies in a gunfight.

Slide down slopes to gain more speed and cover large gaps in Bloodhunt. Making a combo of sliding down slopes and jumping also gives you a speed boost that’ll help you go far. However, this combo is peculiar to a Nosferatu player with the ability to vanish.

Wall Jumping

The next movement mechanic is wall-jumping. To get this, gain enough momentum by jumping from a wall when you make contact or sliding while facing your desired direction. A combo of the slide and wall jumps is the fastest way to move on street level.

Wall Sliding

The last notable movement mechanic is wall-sliding which you can achieve by pressing against a wall facing your desired direction, and you can slide against it in whatever way. This movement is quiet not to attract enemies and can give you time to heal on the move.

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