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Bloodhunt: Ultimate Abilities Guide | All You Need to Know

In Bloodhunt, vampires possess different skills and abilities that help them in battle.




Bloodhunt utilizes the popularity of battle royale games, proving that the genre is still alive and well. While Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone are the most famous battle royale games, Bloodhunt is one to look out for as it vies for attention. One thing unique about the game is the Clan Abilities.

Ultimate Abilities Guide in Bloodhunt

Every Archetype in Vampire Bloodhunt has a Clan ability, a Passive ability, and an Archetype ability. All Archetypes of a Clan share the Clan ability, but the other two are exclusive to each Archetype. It’s important to know which one suits you best before proceeding to the game.

Brujah Clan

Soaring Leap – This is Brujah clan’s ability that allows you to perform a giant leap in the direction you’re facing; you can cast it on the ground or while in the air. The skill may help avoid obstacles, but it also makes you an easy target mid-air

  • Brute
    • Passive: True Grit – replenish half of health
    • Archetype: Shockwave Punch – shockwave that deflects bullets
  • Vandal
    • Passive: Adrenaline Rush – damage resistance when close to enemies
    • Archetype: Earth Shock – a ground attack that sends enemies flying

Nosferatu Clan

Vanish – Nosferatu clan’s ability that will have you disappear with a burst of smoke with increased movement speed for over a second

  • Saboteur
  • Passive: Unseen Passage – semi-invisible while crouching
  • Archetype: Sewer Bomb – exploding bomb with toxic gas
  • Prowler
  • Passive: Sense the Beast – wounded enemy leaves a trail of last location
  • Archetype: Scouting Famulus – send bats to scout enemies

Toreador Clan

Projection Dash – Toreador clan’s ability shoots out a projection you can teleport to for the next 12 seconds.

  • Muse
  • Passive: Final Act – Final Act – instantly refreshes cooldown, and uses powers in a downed state
  • Archetype: Rejuvenating Voice – heal yourself and nearby allies
  • Siren
  • Passive: Kindred Charm – charm nearby civilians and make them friendly
  • Archetype: Blinding Beauty – blind and damage nearby enemies

Ventrue Clan

Flesh of Marble – Venture clan’s ability to turn your skin into marble and block damage from enemies, except for offensive skills.

  • Enforcer
    • Passive: Subjugating Presence – slows nearby enemies
    • Archetype: Unyielding Charge – rush forward to deal damage to enemies

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