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Dune Spice Wars: What Kind of Multiplayer Can We Expect?

During the game’s early access, some players noticed the grayed-out multiplayer option in the main menu.




In Dune: Spice War’s early access, it is pretty much confirmed that the game will eventually have multiplayer mode. How so? Well, players noticed the multiplayer option in the main manu. Unfortunately, it is yet to be released. Once the gameplay is smooth enough, developers promise to work with fans and meet their expectations.

What Kind of Multiplayer Can We Expect in Dune Spice Wars

If you’re familiar with other RTS games, multiplayer is a fun way to enjoy playing with family, friends, or other people. Whether you’d like to play as opponents or allies, the main goal is to survive and continue to rule your area without running out of resources. Some RTS games have the option of playing versus AI or another player. But, the big question is: will Dune: Spice Wars take a similar approach?

Multiplayer Mode

In Dune Spice Wars, multiplayer mode is still on the way but players have already shared what they’re looking forward to. Considering the known elements of the game, it seems to be leaning towards co-op instead of versus.

Some even suggest a co-op vs. AI mode or an option to play the campaign story with friends. This is already evident in other RTS games. Hopefully, developers will take all of these into account and create a multiplayer mode with all of these options to not disappoint the players.

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