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WWE 2K24: How to Unlock Elite John Cena

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Other than the default Superstars that are a part of WWE 2K24′s roster, you can get yourself a lot more. One unlock that you can get fairly early on is the Elite John Cena, a unique variant of the very iconic John Cena.

We will be looking at how you can get the Elite John Cena in WWE 2K24. Upon unlocking him, he will become a part of your roster and become usable in-game.

How to Unlock Elite John Cena

locker codes section in myfaction

Elite John Cena can be unlocked through the MyFaction section of the game. Over here you can redeem various locker codes that let you unlock some unique rewards. To redeem a code, you need to select the Locker Codes option inside MyFactions.

the code you need to enter for elite john cena

The code you need to enter to unlock Elite John Cena is “YOURSTORY2K24”. Once you enter the code, you will get a MyFaction pack and 7500 Virtual Currency. You can use the Virtual Currency you get on several different items in WWE 2K24.

the pack that will give you elite john cena

All that is left to do now is go on over to your unopened packs and open the MyFaction pack. The image above shows the pack titled Mattel John Cena.

elite john cena as a playable character

Upon opening the pack and claiming the reward, Elite John Cena will become a part of your roster as a playable character. Like the default John Cena, the Elite one has quite a high rating.

Be sure to find and enter all the codes you can before they expire. You can get yourself plenty of unique rewards this way, so don’t miss out on any!

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