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How to Drag Opponents in WWE 2K24

Drag your opponents however you like.




When it comes to gameplay, WWE 2K24 comes pretty close to what WWE looks like. From leaping high in the air to performing unique finishers, the game lets you do everything. One of the more basic but important gameplay mechanics in this game is dragging your opponents.

This guide will look at how you can drag your opponents in WWE 2K24. Other than the controls, we will also look at how it works in-game.

How to Drag Opponents

controller layout

To drag an opponent in WWE 2K24, you will first need to initiate a grab. You can grab onto an opponent using the Circle button on the PlayStation controller. The controls section from the pause menu will show you all of the game’s controls.

dragging an opponent in game.

When you grab onto an opponent, you can drag them around by pressing the L1 button on your controller. You can drag them around however you like, but your opponent can also break free from this.

Pressing L1 again when you are dragging them will stop the action. The dragging animation does make you quite slow and vulnerable, so that is something you should keep in mind.

Other than that, your opponents can also break free from you and counter you while you are dragging them. Depending on the difficulty of your opponent, you won’t be able to drag them along for too long.

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