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Mistakes to Avoid in Throne and Liberty Global | Beginner’s Guide

Keep these things in mind so you don’t have regrets later!




Throne and Liberty is finally approaching its global launch, and veteran players are keen to advise beginners on what mistakes to avoid.

Knowing how gear progression works, for example, can save you from wasting precious materials on the wrong items. These are things that newbies didn’t have the luxury of knowing back when the game launched in Korea!

Read on and we’ll give you all the tips and tricks we have to avoid common mistakes in this MMORPG.

Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Throne and Liberty Global

Choose Weapons Carefully

Mistakes to Avoid in Throne and Liberty Global | Beginner's Guide - Weapons

Weapons in Throne and Liberty are pretty much what defines your entire playstyle. There are no standard classes to choose from, so selecting weapons is how you choose a class, effectively.

The main mistake that a lot of players make is that they change which weapons they want to use once they’ve heavily invested in upgrading other weapons.

This ends up being a huge waste of resources, which can make changing your weapons later on extremely painful.

A character with a Greatsword

As such, we highly recommend that you try out all weapons early on, when you don’t need to upgrade them.

This will give you a good feel of their playstyle, and will save you from spending resources you will need later.

If you want to know what every weapon is like, feel free to check out our sister guide about them!

On the note of being careful with weapons: be careful with what you sell as well. Make sure you aren’t selling items that have the best-in-slot Traits for cheap, for example!

Don’t Throw Away Your Sollant

Mistakes to Avoid in Throne and Liberty Global | Beginner's Guide - Sollant

This is going to be a bit of a short tip, but an important one: don’t spend your Sollant willy-nilly.

Sollant is basically your Gold, and it’s the standard currency in Throne and Liberty. You’ll get loads of it quickly in the early game, which might make it seem disposable.

However, you’ll find yourself earning less Sollant after playing for a while, as your earnings flatline!

Considering how much Sollant you’ll require to upgrade your gear properly, we highly recommend that you save it in the early game.

Make Good Use of Gear Enchantment Transfer

Mistakes to Avoid in Throne and Liberty Global | Beginner's Guide - Transfer

Another important mistake to avoid in Throne and Liberty is related to how gear progression works.

This game has a fairly standard rarity system, where rarer items are better than more common ones.

However, it actually greatly disincentivizes you from just swapping your gear for a new rarer one you find!

If you find a fantastic Epic item, you’ll obviously want to just throw your Rare item in the trash and swap over instantly… but that’s actually the worst thing you could do in Throne and Liberty.

A successful Transfer

Instead, you should make sure to fully upgrade and level up your Rare weapon first. Then, once it’s maxed out, use the Gear Enchantment Transfer feature to “feed” the Rare item into the Epic item.

This will greatly level up your Epic item, saving you a massive amount of resources and grinding in the long run!

Use this whenever you want to swap over to new items so that you can get the best use of your materials.

Understand Traits

Mistakes to Avoid in Throne and Liberty Global | Beginner's Guide - Traits

Speaking of gear, the most important thing about your equipment isn’t just its raw stats. Instead, you should make sure to pay close attention to its Traits as well.

Traits are passive effects that get applied to your character, such as Max Health increases or Skill Damage Boosts.

Having the right Traits can be even more important than what your equipment’s rarity is!

If you want to truly do well in Throne and Liberty, you should make sure that you know how to properly use Traits on your gear.

Thankfully, we’ve got an all-encompassing guide on Traits for you to check out, as well!

Don’t Ignore Events and Guilds

Mistakes to Avoid in Throne and Liberty Global | Beginner's Guide - Events

Last but not least, we highly recommend that you make sure to do as many Events as you want.

You can find the Events on the Timetable whenever you check out your Map. There are Hourly and Daily Events for you to participate in, and all of them are highly rewarding.

The game even lets you see Events before they start and set alarms to remind you about them!

Example of a Guild page

Additionally, while we’re talking about missing out, make sure you don’t miss out on joining a Guild as soon as possible.

Guilds have a myriad of benefits, such as allowing you to enter new Contracts and Raids, or even craft unique weapons.

There’s really no reason not to join a Guild as soon as you reach Level 3. Don’t make the mistake of putting it off!

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